BFGs – Y6 (2016/17)

Aim Big to be Big!

Class teacher – Miss K Morley

Mrs Smith also help us with our learning.




School starts everyday with Handwriting or times table work. Following on we have No – Nonsense Spelling, Guided Reading and English. After playtime we have a daily maths lesson. In the afternoon we have topic.  At the moment we are learning about Survival!  (Please see our Topic Map to find out what we are learning) We also regularly learn skills in Music, Computing, Science, PE, R.E, PSHCE and Big Maths.


Our P.E. days are Mondays and Wednesdays.  All PE kit should be kept in school. Please note all earrings need to be removed or covered with a plaster.

Homework is handed out on Thursdays and has to be completed and brought back into school by the following Tuesday.  It includes times table practise, sentence work and talking homework.

We bring a home reader book home every day. It is important to read at home as well as school. We learn lots of new things when reading on our own, with parents, a teacher or in small groups.



Autumn 1

Autumn Term 1 2016

BFG’s and Hobbits have been to Burnley Reel Cinema to watch ‘The BFG’ in celebration of Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday! We really enjoyed watching the story come to life on the big screen!


Back in school, we have been focussing our English work around the story, writing poems, character descriptions and using the BFG’s dialogue in our stories. 


Tuesday 27th September 2016

The BFG’s have had an exciting morning with a visitor from the school library service – dressed as Willy Wonka. We listened to lots of stories and poems and had an exciting day of learning based our Roald Dahl’s work.


October 2016

To celebrate the religious festival of ‘Diwali’, we learnt origami and then used our skills to create a lotus flower.

We also created cards to give to people who celebrate Diwali and decorated them with paper-made candles to celebrate the festival of light.


Autumn 2

Autumn Term 2 2016

November 2016

Today, we had a visitor from Burnley Youth Theatre – Laura; who helped us develop our drama skills. We focussed on the book from our English topic ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and took on the role of the different characters’ journey to Oz.


December 2016

After having taken part in a workshop with Burnley Youth Theatre, the children got the opportunity to watch the Wizard of OZ being perfomed at BYT- this complemented the work that the children were already doing in class as part of their novel as a theme.


After the trip the children wrote a review in the form of a letter to BYT.  Here is one that Ismaeel wrote.

Spring 1

 Spring Term 1 2017



As part of BFG’s maths lesson the children combined maths with physical education, using Maths of the Day Activities.

During the lesson BFGs split into groups and had to take it in turns to run and collect a card which had a multiplication question on it. They then ran back to their group to solve the problem.  The winning group was the one with most correct answers.





Week beginning 6th February was Kindness Week at Springfield. We have visits from children and adults who shared their stories of their experiences of kindness happening that week. Each class had a special visit from Janet from Place2Be, who came to Year 6 to discuss the importance of listening to one another and how good and bad listening makes you feel. We watched a video showing various acts of kindness being ‘paid forward’ amongst different people which made Miss Morley cry!



We have thoroughly enjoyed our P.E lessons with Mr Brown this half term. We learnt how to use our core muscles to balance, travel using various rolls and to use apparatus safely. We then incorporated this into the game ‘King’s Keys’ where one person was blindfolded and we each took it in turn to use the skills we had learnt to travel along the apparatus (silently!) to try and steal the keys from under the person’s chair.

This game was a firm favourite amongst the BFGs and pupils came up with very creative travelling techniques.



This half term, our English lessons have been focussed on producing a text about an evil villain. We each chose a fictional villain that we thought was the most villainous and researched this person’s background and the evil things they had done. We wrote a biography and non-chronological report of our villain and then wrote persuasive paragraphs to persuade others that each was the most villainous. We then visited other classes to present our texts and battled against another villain to find out who the class thought was the worst! This tested our speaking and listening skills as it was rather terrifying having to deliver a presentation to a whole class.



As part of our Science lessons, where we have been investigating the effects of exercise on our bodies; BFGs created a ‘trim trail’ to get the blood pumping through our veins and our pulse rates increased. We asked for sponsorship money for all year 6 pupils to complete the trim trail as many times as possible within an hour and also invited parents along to watch – with some even getting involved! 

Thank you for the sponsorship money raised, which will be going towards some new books for our class reading area and well done to all of the BFGs for putting in so much effort to complete the trim trail.



Spring 2

 Spring Term 2 2017

22nd March 2017

This morning the BFG children took part in a workshop with Burnley College.  As part of the workshop the children looked at developing their self-esteem. We wrote positive statements about each other anonymously and then read all of the nice things people thought about us. We also learnt how our words can affect people’s confidence.





As part of our learning linked to art we went on Art/R.E walk with Hobbits, where we investigated the architecture of St Stephen’s Church. We focused on the stained glass windows and the detail on the tower.  Our observations were record in our sketch books so that we could review and revisit the ideas later.



In Geogrpahy we have been focusing on developing our map skills.  In order to complement the work that we have been doing we made use of Towneley Park and went on a Geography walk.  As part of the learning we referred to an OS Map to sketch a map of the grounds using the keys and symbols.  




Summer 1

Summer Term 1


In English we have focused on formal and informal language.  As part of the reading phase the children looked at the different text types and then analysed the features in terms of the language used.  We then had a go at writing our text.



In Art the BFGs have been investigating how colours can be used to create or chnage the mood of a painting. As part of the learning the children created rough and calm waters using a variety of media.


5th June 2017

Today, we have begun our Positive Footprints Programme – Raising Aspirations. We have been thinking about the qualities needed for various jobs and the qualities that we have but also ones we need to develop.

Pupils are getting excited about this 3 week programme as it is jam-packed with exciting lessons and challenges. They also cannot wait to attend UCLAN college to celebrate their participation in this programme in a few weeks time.


We have combined Physical education and Maths this term to solve problems in a fun and engaging way using Maths of the Day.  Through this form of learning we have further developed our skills in communication, reasoning through talk as well as team work.  Best of all we have all been extremely active.



Summer 2

Summer Term 2

Visit to Pendle Hill

As part of our Geography topic we went on an educational trip to Pendle Hill.  During the day we experienced both highs and lows.  A lot of us really struggled to keep walking even though we were so tired, but we pesevered-our growth mindset really came in handy.  On reaching the top we were elated! The views were amazing and it actually felt good to be looking down on the beautiful views.  



Back at school our work drew on our experiences. We wrote some recounts and also an information leaflet on the area.  As part of our link to Art we created our own interpretations of what we saw as we looked across the countryside.




Raising Aspirations Programme in conjunction with Job Junction

As part of our Raising Aspirations programme we have been completing in Year 6, today we have held a career carousel afternoon. We invited a range of workers in to school, including: a doctor and nurse, BFC in the community, Kip McGrath, Firefighters, McDonalds and a teaching recruitment agency.

We asked them to explain what they do and then asked questions to gain an understanding of skills and qualities needed for their job and the qualifications needed to work in their sector.

Pupils were commended on their maturity and professionalism over the afternoon. It has been a fantastic experience for the BFG pupils and has helped to raise aspirations among the pupils.




Networked Narrative 

BFGs spent took part in an art afternoon with Lizzie from Networked Narrative.  As  part of the session the children were asked

‘What do you want more than anything in the world?’

We gave our responses in an Art form. Each pupil’s art work has been entered into a competition and the winner will receive a huge £75 in vouchers.

All of our Art work will be displayed in Burnley Library from the 15th July until December so please feel free to come and take a look.



Kingswood- 7th July – 10th July 2017

This year, Year 6s went all the way to Wales for their residential. We were so impressed at the children’s behaviour and positive attitude towards the challenges they faced! All the children showed excellent determination and courage, setting their own goals and smashing them! Pupils said that the 3G Swing, Abseiling, Laser tag and Jacobs Ladder were some of their favourites.



Growing Up- PSHCE

Year 5 and 6 joined together to have a PSHCE afternoon with a focus on ‘Sex and Relationships’. The boys went to Mr Coates and the girls went to Miss Morley to talk about the changes that will happen to their bodies as they approach puberty. Pupils said that it was a very informative afternoon and felt glad they could discuss these changes in a confident and comfortable way. Well done on being so mature Years 5 and 6!


Over the last few weeks leading up to the end of term and the Year 6s moving on to their high school, they have been attending transition days; finding out what life will be like in September. Pupils have enjoyed learning, Science, R.E, English, Maths and P.E at their new school and have made a fabulous first impression. We will miss you Year 6!

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