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Aim Big to be Big!

Class teacher – Mrs S Staples

Mrs Smith also helps us with our learning.


Welcome to our year 6 class page! This is where you can see all our amazing learning. This year is incredibly important and exciting and all of us are ready for our final challenge at Springfield Primary. We hope you enjoy browsing through our learning throughout the year.


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Autumn 1

Autumn One in The BFG’s

Aim Big to be Big!

What a mega busy half term! The pupils in The BFG’s have really impressed this half term. The way they are behaving is exemplary, they are becoming fantastic role models for other children around school and their enthusiasm to learn is brilliant! Well done on a spectacular start to the year!


We have had a big push on basic skills and arithmetic this half term and this will continue until Christmas. The children have developed their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills as well as their place value knowledge. In the final week we are having a big focus on Times Tables by singing lots of songs and using Times Tables Rockstars as well as other interactive games, such as Hit the Button.


This half term we have been using past SATs papers to develop our Reading Detective skills. This is in preparation for developing Reciprocal Reading in class, which will lead to group discussions around different texts. The children are enjoying our class novel which is Stories from Shakespeare. Just a reminder for adults at home, reading everyday is key to develop confidence with reading!



Writing in year 6 is always a big learning curve! The pupils are just getting into the swing of writing independently and making use of peer reviewing as well as the importance of proofreading. Our writing has linked to WW2, including a link to our key texts which were ‘Goodnight, Mr Tom and The Silver Sword.’ The children have analysed the texts and picked out the key features, linked to grammar and punctuation. They have then begun to write a chapter based around a child’s point of view of WW2 from either Britain or Poland. They have also written individual pieces independently, including a descriptive piece, an action scene and a diary entry as well as a science piece – find out about that in the Science section!



In History we are studying ‘Why was winning the Battle of Britain in June 1940 so important? We have looked at a map of Europe and discussed the power that Hitler had behind him, we also listened to a speech made by Churchill talking about preparations that had to be made as well as reading the front cover of The New York Post from the time – it revealed lots of information about the events surrounding the Battle of Britain. We will continue to learn about this next half term.



We are covering a huge topic in our first Geography enquiry ‘How is Climate Change affecting people around the world?’ We have linked this to our science learning as well. We have started to look at the effect of Climate Change on Africa, The Gambia. We have discussed what Climate Change is and what it means in the long term, we have also listened to latest news regarding Climate Change and what the current situation is.




In Science we have learnt all about Evolution and Inheritance. We have asked our own questions, held discussions, learnt about The Theory of Evolution and Charles Darwin. We also turned into a species of bird that lived on ‘Clippy Island’ this allowed us to investigate the theory of natural selection. We also created creatures for environments, discussing how adaption and natural selection had created the perfect animal for the environment. To link to Geography, we looked at why these creatures might be at risk and that this is out of their control mainly focussing on Climate Change. One of our challenges as part of this was to talk about how the animal may evolve to adapt to the ever-changing world.



When learning about inheritance, we created biscuit babies. Choosing a ‘mummy’ biscuit and a ‘daddy’ biscuit from a selection pack, the children had to draw the offspring that the biscuits would create. For example, taking a bourbon and a cookie as the parents, the baby could be a cookie with cream in the centre. Watch the video below to hear some of the children’s examples!



We are only just starting to get our teeth into our Artist Study of L.S Lowry. We have looked at pieces from the time of WW2 and discussed at length our opinions, but also the techniques that the artist has used to create texture and depth to the art. We are continuing with this next half term and the children will create their own piece in the style of Lowry.


DT/Poppy Project

In line with a school memorial that is being created for Remembrance Day, the children worked with their learning buddies (see below for more information) to create poppies like the sculptures made to mark the centenary. We discussed materials, design and then created the poppies. Next half term we will be taking on a challenge, like those on The Young Apprentice, to create the perfect product for the Christmas Fair.


This half term, with our sessions with Mrs Staples, we have focussed on how to be healthy. As well as practical sessions, we have also learnt about a healthy balanced diet, vitamins and minerals, cholesterol and the dangers of being unhealthy. Following this, we have developed an exercise regime and meal plan for Homer Simpson in a bid to improve his health. Next half term, we will be developing our netball skills and teaming up for full games.


Year 6 can be a tough and stressful year for children, with SATs and transitions, it has its ups and downs. We have talked about our goals and worries for this year. We realised that we are all feeling the same and the best tool to help us is to talk and to work together to improve how we are feeling. Following this, we have been thinking about our roles as ‘Global Citizens.’ We learnt about the life of children in Ghana who work on the cocoa plantations. The children have begun to empathise with the children that have to work to look after their families as well as thinking about how we can help change the situation.


Learning Buddies

This year, year 2 and 6 have decided to team up. They have already worked together to create poppies and we are looking forward to working together to read and write and lots of other exciting activities.      

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