Child and Family Support


Mrs J Elliott is our Family Support Manager

Mrs L Wilson is our Learning Mentor

Together they provide pastoral support for children and families.


What is the main aim of:

Springfield’s Family Support Manager?

The main aim of the service is to listen, support and advise by offering practical parenting strategies to help with:

  1. Strengthening existing parenting skills.
  2. Managing challenging behaviour and setting boundaries with children.
  3. Concerns around education including attendance, progress and homework
  4. Routines, mealtimes, sleep and play
  5. Parents becoming more involved with their child’s school and learning
  6. Making informed choices and accessing local services.

What is the main aim of:

Springfield’s Learning Mentor?

  1. Act as a mentor to pupils to make sure that they engage fully with their learning and overcome any barriers which may exist.
  2. Help children with friendship issues, anger management, support behavior within the classroom and develop positive relationships with both pupils and families.
  3. Deal with any behaviour concerns as first port of call, once referral has been made by the class teacher