Child and Family Support

We are extremely lucky to have a fantastic pastoral support team based in school. 

‘The pastoral support team at Springfield Community Primary School is particularly effective.’  Ofsted Nov 2018

The pastoral team is made up of four key members of staff, who all have key roles within school.


Family Support Manager/DSL- Mrs Elliott

Pupil Support Manager and Nurture Lead- Mrs Phipps

Learning Mentor/Breakfast Lead- Mrs Wilson

Nurture- Mrs Moffitt

Family Support Manager - Mrs Elliott

  • Provides outreach to families whose home circumstances appear to present a significant barrier to successful learning, and  will work with parents to help the children achieve their targets
  • Attends and participates in multi-disciplinary meetings contributing to the sharing of information and/or planning in relation to specific children
  • Leads on attendance, so with support from Mrs Phipps will promote a whole school approach to attendance and devise strategies and action plans for children whose attendance is falling below threshold
  • Lead for managing pupil behaviour across school; will liaise with the learning mentor to ensure effective programmes are put in place
  • Lead for Children on the  Looked After Register
  • Lead for First Aid across school along with Mrs Phipps
  • Lead for supervision
  • Works with parent/families to help address poor attendance/behaviour
  • Undertakes home visits with Mrs Phipps to keep parents/ families informed and secures positive family support
  • Arranges food parcels to be delivered to identified families through Spacious Places
  • Responsible for allocating places on the school minibus against a set criteria with Mrs Phipps
  • Designated Senior Safeguarding and Prevent Lead- trains and updates staff with new developments
  • Organises and/or facilitates training sessions for parents
  • Facilitates lunchtime activities to support pupils who have difficulties at lunchtime.
  • Leads on supporting transfer/transition between schools for children on the CP register/TAF plans
  • Accesses financial support from outside agencies for parents and families
  • Liaises with Calico to support parents and families that are struggling with accommodation/rent arrears
  • Liaises with Safenet and provides support to families that have a history of domestic violence in the home
  • Liaises with the School Community Police Officers for children and families struggling with antisocial behaviour after school hours
  • Liaises with the Fire Service to facilitate fire checks in the home for families
  • Liaises with Burnley Borough Council with issues such as accessing benefits and environmental clean ups
  • Assists parents and families with appointments to the women’s centre, medical appointments, inspire and the job centre

Pupil Support Manager - Mrs Phipps


  • Responsible for the nurture group within school, along with Mrs Moffitt
  • Organises and facilitates lunchtime activities to support pupils who have difficulties at lunchtime.
  • Observes and monitors pupil progress, adapting an agreed approach to meet particular needs, recording and maintaining records of pupils’ development and progress
  • Works collaboratively with SENDCO and external support such as the counselling service (as required) to ensure effective support provision for all our pupils.
  • Monitor children’s progress before, during and after interventions linked to pastoral support, to measure the impact of the intervention strategy on progress
  • Responsible for conducting uniform checks and ensures children have the right equipment to access physical education
  • Identifies, in association with school staff, pupils who would benefit from pastoral/nurture support
  • Responsible for ensuring PP funding is used effectively and that funding is evaluated
  • Undertakes home visits with Mrs Elliott
  • Helps plan the reintegration of children after extended school absence
  • Responsible for allocating places on the school minibus against a set criteria with Mrs Elliott
  • Lead for First Aid across school along with Mrs Elliott
  • Manages Pupil Support Staff in school
  • Works with the School Mental Health Ambassadors
  • Mental, Health and Wellbeing Lead

Learning Mentor - Mrs Wilson

  • Devises, implements and evaluates specialised programmes of work to encourage and promote a pupil’s social emotional and behavioural development.
  • Plans and facilitate structured games and activities, to support pupils to make appropriate use of unstructured times.
  • Plans and draws up approaches that could be used to support pupils both individually and within a group.
  • Works with individuals & groups (both within and outside the class room setting) that are demotivated, disengaged, have difficulty in building and maintaining relationships and friendships etc…
  • Facilitates lunchtime activities to support pupils who experience difficulties at playtime and lunchtime.
  • Helps children to manage and resolve conflict by using and teaching them a variety of strategies
  • Helps plan the reintegration of children after fixed term exclusions.
  • Supports children on Individual Behaviour Plans on enrichment days and trips outside of school
  • Sets up and runs circle time sessions and anger management groups where necessary
  • Leads on supporting transfer/transition between schools and key stages for vulnerable/at risk children
  • Manages and leads on the before school breakfast club

Nurture - Mrs Moffitt

  • Mrs Phipps and Mrs Moffitt lead on the Nurture group within school.
  • The Nurture group is a short-term, focused intervention that runs every afternoon, for children with particular social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which are creating a barrier to learning within class. The group in school consists of 8 children from across school.  
  • The children attending the nurture group remain an active part of their main class. Typically, children accessing nurture provision will return full time to their own class within three terms of their start date.
  • As part of nurture,  Mrs Phipps and Mrs Moffitt will assess learning and social and emotional needs through Boxall profiles and provide tailored support that is needed to remove the barriers to learning. The relationship between the two nurture staff is always nurturing and supportive; providing a role model for children.  Food is shared and even at times baked/cooked at ‘snack time’ with much opportunity for social learning, helping children to attend to the needs of others, with time to listen and be listened to.
  • As the children learn academically and socially they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self-respect and take pride in behaving well and in achieving.