Avengers – Summer 1


In maths, we have been learning about fractions. We spent some time learning to understand fractions, recognising the numerator and denominator of fractions of shapes. We then looked specifically at recognising and counting in tenths. Next we were able to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator, before we learnt how to compare and order fractions. Finally we looked at finding equivalent fractions.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been learning to use the 12 hour clock to tell the time. We have learnt the difference between am and pm, learnt to tell the time on the hour, and then have been able to count in 5 minute intervals. We have been able to say different things that happen throughout the day at different times and recognise what the hands of the clock look like at these times.


In English, we have started to read ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We demonstrated understanding of the text by illustrating the first chapter, and practised reading aloud with expression. We wrote comparatives to describe the Iron Man’s body parts before writing a missing poster which included descriptions of the Iron Man.

Once we had read chapter 2, we got into groups and acted out the scene, before planning and writing a diary entry as the character Hogarth.

We have also had writing workshops throughout the half term to help to improve our writing. We wrote setting descriptions about a forest and a jungle, character descriptions about the Queen of Hearts and Cruella De Vil, and action descriptions about the Incredibles.


In science, we have continued to learn about plants. We began the half term by recapping the names of parts of the plant and flower, before learning that each part of the flower has a special function for reproduction. We learnt that birds and insects act as pollinators and showed our understanding of this process by acting it out. We also then learnt about the conditions that a plant needs in order to grow and survive, and made predictions as to whether a plant would be able to grow if the liquid was different to water.

We then started our final science topic for year 3 – animals and humans. We have classified food into their different food groups, and learnt about what nutrients we get from each food group, as well as what each of these nutrients do for our bodies.


In art, we have been looking at abstract structures. We used Anthony Caro and his work abstract work with metal as our inspiration. First, we experimented with paper to test how to use different joining techniques to join paper together to make 3D shapes. Next, we worked in groups over 2 sessions to use these techniques with cardboard in order to make a group structure of abstract art work. Finally, we sketched our 3D artwork in our art books.


Year 3 have been very lucky this half term to have participated in extra PE lessons this half term.

In PE this term Avengers have been focusing on gymnastics. As part of their learning the children have learnt different ways of balancing. Additionally they have also focused on balances on different parts of their body too. The PE lessons also involved discussing and demonstrating the correct way to throw a shotput as well as jumping and landing safely. Towards the end of the topic, the children were put into groups and were asked to create a sequence which included travelling, rolling, jumping, and balancing on smaller body parts.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, they have been practising their athletic skills, with a big focus on running technique and different throwing techniques. They have also had to learn to take turns throughout these sessions.

On Tuesdays, the children have been extremely excited about starting their swimming lessons. They have all gained confidence in the water, learnt to kick their legs and blow bubbles, and many children have demonstrated being able to swim short distances using armbands and a woggle.

On Thursdays, we have been lucky to have benefitted from having Rob in from Healthy Heads. He has worked with the children to develop their sense of self-confidence, resilience, kindness towards others and in particular their teamwork skills. He has done a variety of PSHE based activities in the classroom before the children have demonstrated their skills in games in the hall.


In geography, we have begun to look at what weather means and recognise different weather types. We then went on to discuss what climate means, and what the climate is like at different times of the year in the UK. We learnt to read a chart that shows the climate of places across the UK in winter, and we were able to locate these places


In RE, we have been looking at how important the act of sharing is to Sikhs. We first looked at situations where sharing is beneficial in our everyday lives, and this also went hand in hand with our PSHE lessons where we learnt the importance of sharing in class. We looked at a riddle where the children had to work out the best way for donkeys to eat the hay. We then learnt about the important festival of Vaisakhi for Sikhs and how they share in the celebrations. We also learnt about how Sikhs share food in the Langar in the Gurdwara.


In computing, we have been learning to use the coding website Scratch. We learnt how to change the background, and create characters called sprites. We were able to move these around the screen, and then wrote a code for the sprites to have a conversation with one another. We also learnt how to write a code to make the sprites to draw a shape on the screen.


The Avengers this half term have been learning to play the descant recorder.

They have learnt how to hold the recorder with their left hand on top, blowing gently and saying ‘tu’, trying to cover the hole completely with their fingers. They have looked at the notation and how the note B is on the line – using the mnemonic ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Favour’ Then they looked the note A and how it is in the space – Space rhymes with FACE. We then started to learnt to tune Hot Cross Buns.


This half term, we have revised the fruits, and learnt how to say, “I like…” and “I do not like…”

Mindfulness day

To celebrate mental health week, year 3 had a mindfulness day which was led by Healthy Heads. They took part in a yoga session, some physical activity outside, learnt about how the brain works, and did some mindful colouring in class.

Useful Dates

3:15 pm Dance Club
Dance Club
Dec 1 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Dance Club
from Friday 08 September and then every week until Friday 24 November
6:45 pm Christmas Concert 2023
Christmas Concert 2023
Dec 1 @ 6:45 pm
Christmas Concert 2023
on Friday 01 December the choir will be performing at St Catherine’s Church Christmas Concert starting at 6.45pm to 8.15pm, if staying to the end to 9.15pm
3:15 pm Choir Rehearsal
Choir Rehearsal
Dec 4 @ 3:15 pm – 3:55 pm
Choir Rehearsal
from Monday 11 September and then every week to the end of the academic year [excluding holidays]
3:15 pm Y1 & Y2 Fundamental Games
Y1 & Y2 Fundamental Games
Dec 4 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y1 & Y2 Fundamental Games
from Monday 06 November and then every week until Monday 18 December
all-day Autumn Term Swimming
Autumn Term Swimming
Dec 5 all-day
Autumn Term Swimming
Year 5 will be swimming this term starting on Tuesday 05 September and every Tuesday thereafter until Tuesday 05 December
3:15 pm Y3 & Y4 Tennis Club
Y3 & Y4 Tennis Club
Dec 5 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y3 & Y4 Tennis Club
from Tuesday 07 November and then every week until Tuesday 19 December
all-day Vision Test
Vision Test
Dec 6 all-day
Vision Test
on Wednesday 06 December, the school nurse will be on site to see the Reception children that have not been ‘opted out’ for the test


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