BFGs – Spring 2


In Spring 2, we have switched our focus onto angles in 2D shapes and angles around a point. To begin with, we revised the names and the values of different sizes of angles and then applied this knowledge to help us identify the size of angles around a point. Overall, the children have shown a good understanding of this topic and have applied their knowledge to solve a number of multi-stop problems.

We then focused our learning on co-ordinates including translating and reflecting shapes. The children applied their understanding of negative numbers to plot points on a co-ordinate grid and connect the points to draw specific 2D shapes. They were also able to reflect these shapes or translate them.

Finally, the children spent the final few weeks of the term learning how to read and interpret graphs. The children applied their understanding of fractions and percentages to obtain information from pie charts and were able to answer questions on the information presented in line graphs.


For English, we continued to focus our learning around the book “Pax”.

The children have enjoyed following the story from two different points of view and comparing the journeys of the two main characters. While reading the novel, we have looked at the language that the author has used to portray the feeling of the characters at different stages of the story. The children have picked out key phrases and speculated why the author has used them at particular moments.

The book has continued to provide many short writing opportunities as the story progresses. The children have written diary entries, persuasive letters and a balanced argument based around the story line.


During Spring 2, we focused on living things and their habitats. This involved classifying plants and animals into different groups and creating tables and keys to present our information. We began by classifying biscuits and coming up with different categories in which to group them. We then did the same with plants and animals. As well as improving their scientific thinking skills, the children improved their knowledge of the animal kingdom when they learned about the main groups in which animals are classified.


In R.E., we focused on the religion of Christianity. We discussed whether we felt that Christianity was still a strong religion, more than 2000 years after Jesus’s birth. The children were able to identify the symbols and celebrations linked to Christianity that are still present today and debated whether the presence of these, meant that Christianity was still widely followed.


In computing, the children have learned about blogging. We looked at the features of a blog before the children planned and wrote their own blogs on a topic of their choosing which included all of the necessary features.


The children have enjoyed learning the skills required for athletics this term. They have been practicing how to run, jump and throw effectively powerfully. They have also taken responsibility for leading their own activities and groups. The children have used stopwatches and tape measures to accurately measure and record the scores of their peers.


We have learned about rivers in Geography lessons this term. Through discussion and using photo clues, the children were able to identify the different parts of a river and reason about where the source and the mouth of a river could be. As part of our topic, the children took part in some fieldwork including a river walk in Towneley Park. We learnt about the creatures that live in a river and were able to extract some of these creatures from the river and examine them using microscopes. While on the walk, the children also learnt about the importance of keeping the environment clean so not to affect the ecosystem.


Useful Dates

all-day Autumn Term Swimming
Autumn Term Swimming
Sep 26 all-day
Autumn Term Swimming
Year 5 will be swimming this term starting on Tuesday 05 September and every Tuesday thereafter until Tuesday 05 December
3:15 pm Y5 & Y6 Football Practice
Y5 & Y6 Football Practice
Sep 26 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y5 & Y6 Football Practice
from Tuesday 12 September and then every week until Tuesday 17 October
9:00 am Tempest Photography
Tempest Photography
Sep 28 @ 9:00 am
Tempest Photography
on Thursday 28 September in the morning from 9.00am, Tempest will be on site to take individual/sibling photographs
2:00 pm Stay & Play Session
Stay & Play Session
Sep 28 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Stay & Play Session
we invite Reception class parents/carers to join us between 2.00pm and 3.00pm
2:45 pm RSE Parental Consultation
RSE Parental Consultation
Sep 28 @ 2:45 pm
RSE Parental Consultation
all our parents and carers are invited to attend and we look forward to seeing everyone
3:30 pm PASTA Family Club
PASTA Family Club
Sep 28 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
PASTA Family Club
from Thursday 14 September and then every week until Thursday 19 October
3:15 pm Dance Club
Dance Club
Sep 29 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Dance Club
from Friday 08 September and then every week until Friday 24 November


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