Hogwarts – Summer 1


This term we have been looking at the book One Plastic Bag, about one woman’s mission to rid The Gambia of plastic rubbish. We have looked at how Isatou Ceesay works with woman in her country, teaching them to make purses out of discarded plastic bags and selling them to create an income for themselves. As well as looking at the story of Isatou, we have looked at other ‘Climate Heroes’ and wrote our own stories for their lives.


In maths we have looked at telling the time using an analogue clock as well as using 12-hour and 24-hour digital clocks. We have also looked at Roman Numerals and how these are different to the Arabic Numerals we use today. Most recently we have looked at how to convert between fractions and decimals and how tenths and hundredths fit into our place value.


We have been looking at megacities in geography this term. We looked at why so many megacities are in Asia and why people would want to live in one. We talked about Baghdad and why it was the first city to ever reach a population of one million. We also looked at Milton Keynes, England and explored why the population is growing so quickly. Using our research, we then wrote a persuasive piece trying to convince people why they should or should not live in a city.


For Art we have been exploring different painting techniques. We looked at how we can create different brush strokes, how to mix colours, shade or brighten a colour and how to gradate from one colour to another.


In DT we have continued to work on our train project. We have learnt how to safely use hand saws and join our frame together. We have also talked about the importance of being accurate with our measurements.


In science we have been finding out about all kinds of organisms. We looked at the 7 characteristics all living things have and how we can split them into categories. We also looked at what a vertebrate and invertebrate is and what invertebrates live in our local environments.


In PSHE we have been talking about different kinds of relationships and how these may change over time. We talked about why memories can be important to help us remember someone we no longer see. We also explored how we can try to repair a relationship when we have fallen out with someone or had an argument.


This term we have been looking more at Buddhism with a focus on the belief in the 8-Fold Path. We have looked carefully at how a Buddhist might try and keep to the 8-Fold Path and how it could influence their lives. We then made our own path with the values we believe are important to our own lives.


For PE we have been looking at different elements of gymnastics. We have practiced different ways of traveling, balances, jumps and rolls and thought about how to put these into a gymnastic sequence.


We have enjoyed making animations on the computer this term. We explored how animations are made up of many different pictures passing by our eyes so fast our brain is tricked into thinking they are moving. We looked at how to recreate this on the computer using different tools such as onion skinning to help alter each image slightly. We also added sound to our animations.


In Spanish we have been looking at words and phrases we don’t know and using the context to help us work out what they mean in English. We learnt about how to explain our daily routine in simple sentences, days of the month and the seasons.


Hogwarts have been hard at work rehearsing for the Let’s Go Sing mass children’s choir concert at Ewood Park, The Blackburn Rover Football Stadium. The children were nervous but excited! We joined 106 primary schools to perform at the stadium with 4,300 children taking part. The evening was a great success. The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed every minute making memories.

After the concert we began looking at structure. We followed the coloured structure bar on Charanga whilst the music played. We talked through how the music was organised. Then had a go at playing Happy Birthday on the glockenspiels.


Useful Dates

3:15 pm Y3 & Y4 Dodgeball Club
Y3 & Y4 Dodgeball Club
Jun 12 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y3 & Y4 Dodgeball Club
from Monday 05 June and then every week until Monday 10 July
all-day Summer Term Swimming
Summer Term Swimming
Jun 13 all-day
Summer Term Swimming
Year 3 will be swimming this term starting on Tuesday 18 April and every Tuesday thereafter until Tuesday 04 July
3:15 pm Choir Rehearsals
Choir Rehearsals
Jun 13 @ 3:15 pm – 3:55 pm
Choir Rehearsals
from Tuesday 13 September and then every week to the end of the academic year [excluding holidays]
3:15 pm Y1 & Y2 Yoga
Y1 & Y2 Yoga
Jun 13 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y1 & Y2 Yoga
from Tuesday 06 June and then every week until Tuesday 11 July
3:15 pm Healthy ELF Family Club
Healthy ELF Family Club
Jun 14 @ 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Healthy ELF Family Club
from Wednesday 07 June and then every week until Wednesday 12 July
all-day SWAT Event
SWAT Event
Jun 15 all-day
SWAT Event
on Thursday 15 June a small group of children representing as our SWAT Ambassadors, will take part in a ‘Times Table’ competition at Reedley Primary
all-day Y6 Canoeing
Y6 Canoeing
Jun 15 all-day
Y6 Canoeing
Thanks to the Canal & River Trust Y6 will be going in 2 groups for a free canoeing session.  They will go on either Thursday 15 June or Wednesday 05 July


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