Fantastic Foxes – Y2

Learn and Be Happy!

Class teacher – Mrs S Ahmed

Ms Brown also helps us with our learning

Hello and welcome to our Year 2 page!

In Fantastic Foxes, we always have a busy day of learning, inspiring and motivating,

Our day begins with Cyber Coach, which helps us to feel energised and ready for all of the hard work, which we do throughout the day.

We have daily phonics, Maths and English lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, we learn the wider curriculum including 2 PE and Science sessions a week.

We endeavour to make our homework as interesting as possible; therefore we offer a wide range of activities for the term. The children are given a choice of what they would like to do and when they would like to do it. At the end of the term we have a ‘special homework sharing’ assembly showcasing all of the children’s hard work!

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Autumn 1

Fantastic Foxes have had a super start to the term! We have been learning our classroom rules and routines.


This half term, in Geography. the key skill that we are learning is: Observe

In our Geography work, we have been looking at our local area and significant buildings. We have been on a local area walk, made a map of our route and thought about some of the changes we would like to make.



This half term, in History. the key skill that we are learning is: Speculate

In our History work, we are learning about ‘Townley Hall’ and why it is significant to our locality. We will be visiting the hall and finding lots of information about the family, who lived there.



In Maths, we have been using lots of concrete and pictorial methods to help us manipulate numbers and look at different number facts. Fantastic Foxes are working really hard to understand place value, so it can help us with our reasoning skills.   


In English, we have looked at the book ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and wrote our own version of the story. To help us remember the story, we used story maps and roleplay.  We even made jam sandwiches for the tiger!  



Poet Day

This half term, we also had a special guest visit our school. He was a local poet called Ian Bland. He taught us all about alliteration in poems and we had a go at writing our own ‘Animal Alliteration poems’


In Science, we have been learning about ‘Materials’. Fantastic Foxes became scientists to help Mrs Ahmed when she had a problem with her cat spilling water!

We had to decide which material would be the best material to use to mop the water up. Fantastic Foxes used their previous knowledge, speculated and predicted and then decided on how they were going to test the different materials. We all enjoyed our investigation and Mrs Ahmed, is now using the correct material to mop up water every time her cat spills water.    


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