Fantastic Foxes – Y2

Learn and Be Happy!

Class teacher – Mrs Atkin

Mrs Hutchinson also helps us with our learning


Autumn 1

We have had a very exciting start to the year as we have adopted an orang-utan! We have been learning lots about orang-utans and where they come from and we have linked this to lots of our learning. First, we created a clay orang-utan, we wrote acrostic poems about orang-utans and then we read animal adventure stories featuring orang-utans. We focussed on a David Walliams story called The Queen’s Orangutan.

In our Maths lessons we have been working on number and place value before moving onto measurement.

In Science we have been planting a variety of different things including onion bulbs, pepper seeds and cress. We have been watching them closely and writing about them in our plant diaries. We also did some tasting and investigating different friuits.

In History we have started to learn about History Makers. We began with Guy Fawkes and we have also learnt about women in history including Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth 1.

Our Geography lessons have seen us exploring locations including where we live and comparing it with a place in Brunei called Kampong Ayer.


Our topic this half term was ‘Christianity – The Church.’  During this unit of work, we were aiming to answer the question ‘What unites the Christian community?’

Firstly, we looked at Christian symbols and what they represented.  For example, the cross is a symbol of Jesus’ death; a fish used to be a secret symbol for people who were not allowed to be Christians; candles represent Jesus being the light of the world and a dove is a symbol of peace. 

Next, we learned about places of worship and what might be found there.  We looked at what can be found in a church.  For example, pews, a font, and alter, a pulpit, a lectern and stained-glass windows. 

Our next lesson was to discover what worship means for Christians.  We learned that Christians worship through singing hymns, listening to stories from the Bible and praying.  We wrote our own prayers.

To finish our topic, we found out about the church community.  We discovered that lots of people belong to the church including people who play music in the services, people who clean the church and people who run children’s clubs.   


Our topic this half term was ‘Being Me in My World’

As part of this topic, we identified some of our hopes and fears for this year. 

We then spent time thinking about the rights and responsibilities for being a member of our class and school. 

During this topic, we have also listened to other people as well as contributing our own ideas about rewards and consequences.   

Autumn 2


In English this half term we have done lots of analysing different stories and poems. The children are very good at finding adjectives, nouns and verbs. They have also been spotting suffix words and different types of punctuation. In addition to this, we did some drama to help us understand the main parts of the story. We then moved onto writing our own version of an introductory paragraph.


Recently in our Maths lessons, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been finding out about the properties of the shapes, sorting them, finding lines of symmetry, making patterns with them and solving problems. Previous to this we were embedding our knowledge of addition and subtraction.


Art week

In Art, we have been using line as a focus to create pictures with pencil, pastels and charcoal. For Art week, we used what we have been learning about line to create pictures using different mediums.



In our GPS lessons we have been focusing on adding different suffixes to our words such as –ness and –ly. The children are trying hard to include these suffix words in their writing across all the subjects.

For Phonics, the children continue to do as much reading as the can, both in school and at home. They are learning different phonemes, sounding and out and blending to help them read more fluently.


In our Science lessons this half term we have been learning about everyday materials. We started by going on a material hunt outside and then we investigated materials and why some are more suitable than others for certain jobs.


In Geography, we have continued to learn about Kampong Ayer, which is a water village in Brunei. We have done lots of discussion around the topic and compared it to where we live. We have also linked it to our DT lessons and the children have made stilt houses because that is the style of the houses in Brunei.



Our History lessons have continued to focus on important women throughout history and the children have been thinking about the greatest history maker in their opinions,

DT week

We decided to design and make cake pops for DT week. The children will be selecting a design, making it and then decorating them to sell at the Christmas Fayre.


The children have continued to work on their coding skills by using Purple Mash. They have refreshed their memories about Computer safety and how to stay safe when using the internet.


This half term, we studied the topic ‘Celebrating Difference.’  The children have identified ways in which our friends are different to us and why we value this difference. 


The main focus in our music lessons this half term has been learning the songs for the Nativity and then rehearsing with the other children in Key Stage One and EYFS.


Our topic in this half term was Christianity (God). The children have been thinking about the question – ‘What do special stories teach worshippers and others?’


In PE we have been using balls and rackets to try and improve our hand-eye coordination. The children have enjoyed the challenge!


Our topic this half term was ‘Christianity – God.’  During this unit of work, we were aiming to answer the question ‘Does how we treat the world matter?’

Firstly, we talked about looking after God’s wonderful world.  We focused on the words ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’ and what they might mean.  Also, we thought about how people damage the beautiful world God has created. 

Next, we learned about the creation story.  We looked at how Christian’s believe God took six days to create the world and on the seventh day, he rested.  We sequenced the story and thought about what we would’ve made first if we were God.    

Our next lesson was to interpret religious song words.  We listened to the hymn ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and looked at the words in each verse.  We then sketched a picture of what we could imagine whilst listening to the hymn.

After that, we discussed what we treasured and why.  We then moved on to think about the treasures around us that Christians believe God gave us and how these treasures should be treated.    

To finish our topic, we created a collage of God’s creation.  We also included the words ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’ in our work


Our topic this half term was ‘Celebrating Difference’

As part of this topic, we discussed how people make assumptions about boys and girls.  We were able to think of some ways how boys and girls are similar.   

We then spent time thinking about how bullying is sometimes about difference.  We looked at some different scenarios and decided whether they were acts of bullying or not. We reminded ourselves that bullying doesn’t just happen once, it goes on over time and happens over and over again; it is deliberate; it is unfair.  Usually the person doing the bullying is stronger (older, bigger, in a bigger group)

Next, we thought about how to help make our class a safe and fair place.  We discussed what we would do if we witnessed somebody being bullied. 

Our next lesson was to think about ways to make new friends.  We read the book ‘Willy and Hugh’ by Anthony Browne and talked about even though the two characters were very different, they were still able to make friends. 

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