Fantastic Foxes – Y2

Learn and Be Happy!

Class teacher – Mrs Atkin

Mrs Hutchinson also helps us with our learning


Autumn 1

We have had a very exciting start to the year as we have adopted an orang-utan! We have been learning lots about orang-utans and where they come from and we have linked this to lots of our learning. First, we created a clay orang-utan, we wrote acrostic poems about orang-utans and then we read animal adventure stories featuring orang-utans. We focussed on a David Walliams story called The Queen’s Orangutan.

In our Maths lessons we have been working on number and place value before moving onto measurement.

In Science we have been planting a variety of different things including onion bulbs, pepper seeds and cress. We have been watching them closely and writing about them in our plant diaries. We also did some tasting and investigating different friuits.

In History we have started to learn about History Makers. We began with Guy Fawkes and we have also learnt about women in history including Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth 1.

Our Geography lessons have seen us exploring locations including where we live and comparing it with a place in Brunei called Kampong Ayer.