Gruffalos – YR


 Learning to play, Playing to learn!

Class teacher- Miss Harrison

Mrs White, Mrs Barnes, Mr Brown & Mrs Lingard also help us with our learning


Autumn 1

We are the Gruffalos class and we have made our own Gruffalos and homes for the Gruffalos friends.

We have been learning lots of core skills including cutting, making our own playdough and using tools, fundamental movement skills, fine motor skills and pencil control including writing our names.

Outside we have made and played with our own kites.  We have been very interested in finding animals, bird spotting and finding out which trees are in our garden area. Inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark we looked carefully at model animals to produce excellent observational drawings and outside we made an ark for us all to travel in.

In our maths learning we have been exploring 2d shapes – circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. We have been learning to count and compare amounts, exploring numbers to 4 inside and outside through lots of fun activities.

We think Goldilocks came to visit us, there were lots of clues. We learnt the story and songs about Goldilocks and the three bears. We drew pictures of them, made bear faces with different objects, acted out the story and made furniture for them.

We have been learning all about technology with Mrs Abbas. Here we are learning how to find stories on the i pad and taking turns to play a phonics game on the screen.

In response to the story of the 3 little pigs we made houses and developed our understanding of different parts of a house.

We have become good listeners and started to learn the sounds letters make and are beginning to blend to read and segment to word build.