Hobbits – Y5

Stronger Together!

Class teacher- Mrs Brown

Mrs Moffit and Miss Feroz also help us with our learning.


The school day starts with cyber coach. Following on from this we have assembly, Spelling/Grammar or Big Maths then English. After playtime we have a daily maths lesson. In the afternoons we learn skills in: History, Geography, Science, Computing, PSHCE, Art, DT, PE, Spanish and RE.

Our P.E. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays taught by Mr Brown.  All PE kit must be kept in school. We also, for the first term, go swimming every Tuesday at St Peter’s Centre Burnley.

Homework is handed out each term relating to the topic being taught and must be returned at the end of the term, ready to showcase in class and in our homework sharing assemblies.

We bring a home reader book home every day. It is important to read at home as well as school and practise our multiplication tables regularly.

Autumn 1


Over the last half term, Year 5 have been spending time with Charlotte and Daniella from Burnley FC in the Community, taking part in the Healthy Eating Programme.

Pupils have been investigating what is in the food we eat by reading the food labels. Hasnain’s advice is: ‘Eat porridge for breakfast as it has the most green labels on the packaging.’ Pupils have also been looking at healthy swaps we can all make for our meals – KFC chicken and chips can be swapped for grilled chicken and homemade wedges. As the sessions now draw to a close, pupils are thinking about maintaining an active lifestyle rather than spending too much time gaming and watching TV.



In our PSHCE lessons, we have been studying our rights and responsibilities as a UK citizen and also our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.



The Hobbits have been inspired from the work of Georgia O’Keefe this half term and have been creating pictures modelled on his work. We have focussed on creating detailed observational pictures using lines and shading to create different effects.



In our SPaG sessions we have been focussing on spelling ‘ough’ words, words with silent letters and also using brackets for parenthesis and then transferring these skills successfully to our writing during English lessons. Our favourite word of the week from this half term has been ‘spontaneous’ and pupils have loved trying to get it into their writing and learning how to spell it correctly. Our fiction unit looked at legend stories and the outcome was their own legend story based on a chosen one they had read. In class, it has been great to share our stories and hear how creative and imaginative pupils have been.



Year 5 have spent a lot of time this half term studying the place value of numbers to 1,000,000 and have now moved on to using our knowledge to help us add and subtract numbers. This week has focussed on us learning different methods to add and subtract mentally.


Within our history topic based upon the history of York, pupils have been studying artefacts from the past and using their skills to justify reasons for the happening of events, such as why Oshere, a soldier from the past, buried his precious helmet in York.



Instrument Tuition

Year 5 have been lucky enough to have Ryan Watkins from Lancashire Music Service coming in to school each week to teach us how to play the cornet and baritone. Pupils love learning new notes and songs each week and have already started practising for a performance at Springfield’s Christmas Fayre!

Watch this space!


Keeping Healthy

Year 5 have been learning how to keep healthy for the past 3 weeks with Burnley FC in the Community. This week we looked at how much sugar is in different drinks. Did you know that there is 54 grams of sugar in a bottle of coke!



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