Hobbits – Y5 (2018/19)

Stronger Together!

Class teacher- Mrs Brown

Mrs Moffit and Miss Feroz also help us with our learning.


The school day starts with cyber coach. Following on from this we have assembly, Spelling/Grammar or Big Maths then English. After playtime we have a daily maths lesson. In the afternoons we learn skills in: History, Geography, Science, Computing, PSHCE, Art, DT, PE, Spanish and RE.

Our P.E. days are Wednesdays and Thursdays taught by Mr Brown.  All PE kit must be kept in school. We also, for the first term, go swimming every Tuesday at St Peter’s Centre Burnley.

Homework is handed out each term relating to the topic being taught and must be returned at the end of the term, ready to showcase in class and in our homework sharing assemblies.

We bring a home reader book home every day. It is important to read at home as well as school and practise our multiplication tables regularly.

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Spring 2


Pupils loved Springfield’s annual Science week this year. We had a jam-packed week, including visits from Scientists, Warburtons and more! The Hobbits particularly enjoyed focussing their learning around the theme of ‘Journeys’. We enjoyed meeting and learning about the different animals at Wellybobs Farm, including alpacas, ponies and chickens. We also spent time discussing different journeys that are taken in the world. We have some very creative thinkers in Year 5, who came up with: ‘The Food Journey’, ‘The Journey of the Plague’, ‘Journey into Space’ and also ‘The journey of Plastic’. Our Science unit has linked with English this half term and we have been learning all about Space. Pupils learnt lots at our trip to Eureka, where we took part in a ‘Space Crew’ workshop and explored the museum.


Recently we took part in a special Street Art project which has been especially effective in engaging pupils in art and is something very different to anything we have ever attempted before. Pupils studied various examples of Street Art from many different countries and chose a style which they loved. Pupils then created their own art work in the same style before sending it off to be framed, ready for an exhibition, showcasing their own work! We were hugely impressed at the quality of artwork pupils produced and how visually stunning the artwork looked on the exhibition day. It was so lovely to witness how proud the parents were of their children who came to the exhibition and bought the art work.


The Hobbits have enjoyed learning Computing with Mrs Angelone this half term. Pupils have worked on improving their coding skills, including following and writing algorithms, organising instructions into sequences and adding variables.


We have been so impressed with pupils’ skills throughout our DT week.  The Hobbits decided to make finger puppets to perform a puppet show for the younger pupils in school. They chose a character from a story and designed, created and evaluated their finger puppet based on the characters. Some of the aspects were particularly tricky, especially the sewing and joining of the different materials.



This half term, the Hobbits have focussed on non-fiction in our English lessons. We have revisited all of the non-fiction units that have been introduced over the years and studied all of the features of these texts, including the specific vocabulary, language features and structures that are found in each. We then chose three to create a non-fiction text combining different text types for our chosen purpose and audience.



The Hobbits have shown lots of interest in our Geography unit of ‘Volcanoes’ which has lasted the whole of the Spring Term. Pupils studied the archipelago ‘Hiemaey’, an island which is part of Iceland, and the effects that the volcanoes can have and have had there in the past. We then linked the area to Burnley to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two areas.


In History, we have been asking the question ‘Why did the ancient Maya change the way they live?’ Pupils began by exploring where and when the ancient Maya civilisation existed before then exploring sources to determine what their lives were like. Our final task was to become archaeologists and decide, justifying reasons, why the Maya civilisations collapsed. Many thought it was due to over-population, drought and deforestation while others thought it was due to wars between cities and invasions and soil erosions.



Following from our ‘Fractions’ topic from last half term in Maths. Pupils have been using their fraction knowledge to help them with the topic of Decimals, linked to Percentages. We began by ordering, sequencing and comparing decimals, using pictures and other equipment before moving on to finding equivalences between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Pupils have really impressed their teachers with how well they have applied their knowledge.


Many discussions have taken place within our PSHCE lessons this half term, focussing on how we look after our bodies. This included our mental and physical health and why it is important to look after them.


In R.E this half term we have studied the Easter Story and the characters within it, linked to our DT project. We have also learnt how Christians use the bible to help guide them in life, to be the best people they can be.

Writing Competition 

Year 5 have taken part in a special Writing competition this half term where they planned a character and included them in a diary entry. These have been sent off and we are eagerly awaiting the results of the competition as we were extremely impressed with some of the creative ideas for characters and events written about. Well done to all who entered!

Spring 1


As part of our DT project, we are using our knowledge of the Eat-well Guide to create a healthy – but delicious – salad. Pupils used a range of techniques to prepare the ingredients, including the bridge hold and claw grip to chop and grate safely. We then tasted the ingredients and decided on our favourites.


Fractions! The very word had us trembling in our uniforms at the beginning of the half term. However, after lots of hard work, year 5 pupils are feeling much more confident finding equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, as well as adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. Well done Hobbits!

As well as our Fractions unit, we also celebrated ‘Number Day’, where the Hobbits studied stars and used their problem solving skills to design as many different stars as possible. We also designed and created a maze and found the shortest possible distance to get from one side to the other.


The Hobbits have enjoyed learning about the Sun, Earth and Moon in our Space unit. Pupils used balls to explain how they move in relation to each other. We also thought hard about the different questions: What if the sun was closer to the Earth? What if the Earth rotated quicker? creating posters to try to explain what might happen. We then moved on to investigating sun rise times in Burnley across the year and made a line graph to show the results.


Our genre this half term has been Science Fiction. Pupils have enjoyed reading and watching a variety of Science Fiction texts before creating our own characters and settings to include in our own Science Fiction stories.

We also enjoyed ‘Storytelling Week’ where pupils made up stories as a group and orally retold them, having to use their initiative to follow on the story from where it had been left.


In our Geography, we have been learning about volcanoes and the impact that volcanoes can have on people’s lives, looking specifically at the lives of people in Iceland.

Autumn 2


Year 5 have been busy learning various songs on their cornets and baritones with Mr Watkins. They are currently in preparation for Springfield Christmas Fayre, where we have a surprise song to perform – Jingle Bells!


As part of our unit on National Parks in Geography, we are looking forward to going on a trip to Malham, which is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. We have been studying the lay of the land, including gradients shown with contour lines as well as studying the importance of National Parks and the people who work within them.



Year 5 have impressed the whole school by writing their own poetry based on the Classic Narrative ‘Timothy Winters’ by Charles Causley. They included lots of figurative language, including similes and metaphors to create imagery in the reader’s mind. They then learnt these poems off by heart and performed them to Mrs Nasim and classes around school using intonation and expression in their voices.





This half term Year 5 have focussed on learning their multiplication tables from 1 – 12 and using their knowledge of these to solve problems involving multiplying large numbers by 1 and 2 digits.


Problem Solving Day

Year 5 were very lucky to take part in a problem solving day in school this half term. They worked collaboratively to solve problems, including moving blocks in the smallest amount of turns, sorting numbers into a triangle to create a number sentence along each edge adding up to 10 and matching colours in a giant puzzle. They impressed their teachers with their team work, problem solving and reasoning skills!



Pupils planned and carried out an investigation based on the reversible change of ice melting this half term. They wanted to find out which material would act as the best thermal insulator to use as a lunch-box.

They made predictions and planned a fair test, wrapping ice cubes in different materials and observing and measuring how long the materials could stop the ice cubes from melting. They then wrote a conclusion and evaluation and recorded the results in a table and line graph.


Autumn 1


Over the last half term, Year 5 have been spending time with Charlotte and Daniella from Burnley FC in the Community, taking part in the Healthy Eating Programme.

Pupils have been investigating what is in the food we eat by reading the food labels. Hasnain’s advice is: ‘Eat porridge for breakfast as it has the most green labels on the packaging.’ Pupils have also been looking at healthy swaps we can all make for our meals – KFC chicken and chips can be swapped for grilled chicken and homemade wedges. As the sessions now draw to a close, pupils are thinking about maintaining an active lifestyle rather than spending too much time gaming and watching TV.



In our PSHCE lessons, we have been studying our rights and responsibilities as a UK citizen and also our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.



The Hobbits have been inspired from the work of Georgia O’Keefe this half term and have been creating pictures modelled on his work. We have focussed on creating detailed observational pictures using lines and shading to create different effects.



In our SPaG sessions we have been focussing on spelling ‘ough’ words, words with silent letters and also using brackets for parenthesis and then transferring these skills successfully to our writing during English lessons. Our favourite word of the week from this half term has been ‘spontaneous’ and pupils have loved trying to get it into their writing and learning how to spell it correctly. Our fiction unit looked at legend stories and the outcome was their own legend story based on a chosen one they had read. In class, it has been great to share our stories and hear how creative and imaginative pupils have been.



Year 5 have spent a lot of time this half term studying the place value of numbers to 1,000,000 and have now moved on to using our knowledge to help us add and subtract numbers. This week has focussed on us learning different methods to add and subtract mentally.


Within our history topic based upon the history of York, pupils have been studying artefacts from the past and using their skills to justify reasons for the happening of events, such as why Oshere, a soldier from the past, buried his precious helmet in York.



Instrument Tuition

Year 5 have been lucky enough to have Ryan Watkins from Lancashire Music Service coming in to school each week to teach us how to play the cornet and baritone. Pupils love learning new notes and songs each week and have already started practising for a performance at Springfield’s Christmas Fayre!

Watch this space!


Keeping Healthy

Year 5 have been learning how to keep healthy for the past 3 weeks with Burnley FC in the Community. This week we looked at how much sugar is in different drinks. Did you know that there is 54 grams of sugar in a bottle of coke!




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