Hogwarts – Y4

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Class teacher – Mr Douglas

Mrs Thornton and Mrs Lingard also help us with our learning


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Autumn 1


Following the summer break, we started our English topic on fantasy stories. We focused on the story of The Firework Maker’s Daughter but also read extracts from other fantasy stories to help us develop an understanding of how a fantasy story is set out and gather exciting vocabulary to include in our own writing. The children used the plot of the novel to plan and write their own fantasy story similar to The Firework Maker’s Daughter but with several twists in the tale.


We then moved onto Playscripts. The class enjoyed exploring a range of Playscripts and recognising how they are structured compared with a story or a non-fiction text. The topic also gave the children an opportunity to use their acting skills and perform the Playscripts which they had written.


In Maths, we focused on our key skills in place value which involved a lot of learning around the value of each digit in a number. Children used concrete objects, pictures and abstract numbers to represent thousands, hundreds, tens and units.

After that, we moved onto addition and subtraction. This began by learning about different methods to help the children mentally add and subtract numbers and we have now moved onto using formal methods to solve addition problems with up to 4 digit numbers. Again, we have used a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to enable all the children to access larger numbers.



Our science topic this half term has been electricity. The children have shown excellent subject knowledge and have worked scientifically to create their own circuits and carry out their own investigation into conductors and insulators of electricity.



This term, our history topic is linked to the Romans. We have had a strong focus on skills and the children have applied these skills when exploring the topic. The children have compared Boudica’s armies with the Roman armies, identified the modern-day countries which the Romans invaded and have interpreted historical sources.


Similar to History, our geography lessons have focussed on key skills. The children have been learning about Florida and the Magic Kingdom. They have researched information about Florida, described what a peninsula is and located geographical features around the world using a range of maps.


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