Hogwarts – Y4

It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Class teacher – Mrs Lambert

Miss Hosker also helps us with our learning


Autumn 1

Turtle Adoption

At the beginning of the year we adopted a sea turtle with the WWF. We have looked at why sea turtles are endangered and what we can do to help them. As part of our adoption we got a cuddly sea turtle that Hogwarts have chosen to name Rafael.


In English we have been looking at ancient Roman and Greek myths. We have read the myths of Romulus and Remus, Persephone, King Midas and the Golden Touch and Arachne the Weaver. Whilst reading these myths, we looked at what the features of a myth were and how they were written so we could write our own. During our talk for writing, we learnt a piece of the story from Romulus and Remus off by heart to help us understand the structure of a myth.


In maths we have been focusing on place value and how to use this to help us compare and order numbers and add and subtract 3 and 4-digit numbers. We have used pirate subtraction using base ten to help us understand how to exchange values from other place value columns.


In history we have started to look at the daily lives of ancient Romans particularly in Pompeii. We have focused on a young, wealthy girl from Pompeii called Sappho. Part of daily life in for ancient Romans was worshiping the many gods and goddesses so we have looked at the different deities of the Romans and what they were the god or goddess of. We have also used these gods and goddess in our myths.


As a link to our history topic, we are learning about volcanoes in geography lessons. We have looked at what the main parts of a volcano are, how they are formed and how far away the closest active volcanoes are from us. As a focus for our geography we are looking at volcanoes in Iceland and the natural and human features there.


In computing we looked at how animations are made from a series still images. We made our own small flip books to demonstrate this principle. We also looked at how CGI is now used in many animated movies and how this is different form other types of animation.


In PE we have be practicing our attacking and defending schools for invasion games. We have also looked at our dodging skills using games of tail tag to improve our special awareness and footwork. Our ball skills we also a focus and we have practiced our passing and catching skills.


In PSHE we have looked at our rights and responsibilities at school and in the wider world. We have also looked at how working as a team and our behaviours can effect the learning of others.


For the whole year we are focusing on the question ‘How should we live our lives?’. So far, we have looked at Hinduism and how they believe that they should always do everything to the best of their ability and without complaint. We have also looked at the concept of Karma in Hinduism and how Hindus believe if they lead good lives they will be reincarnated as a human or become one with god.


In science we have looked at the 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. We have investigated how the particles of these 3 states look and act and how some materials can change state through freezing, melting, evaporating and condensing. Our experiments have also shown us how the water cycle works.

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