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Lily Pad

Lily Pad is a specialised provision run by Mrs Phipps and Mrs Moffitt, who are fully trained Nurture practitioners. In Lily Pad we provide a tailored curriculum to develop social and emotional skills in a fun, friendly and family orientated environment. Lily Pad has a maximum of 8 children and sessions take place four afternoons a week.

Autumn 1

This half term Lily Pad have acquired two new members. Welcome Lilly and Paddy.  Looking after gerbils correctly is a big responsibility and commitment and the children have taken this role in their stride. They are now able to recognise all the different aspects of caring for a living creature.

For the new academic year, we have introduced a new reward system. The children have read the book ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ written by Carol McCloud and we all have a bucket to fill where we can earn a prize.

To fill a bucket is easy- be kind, be helpful, pay a compliment and pass on a smile. Nobody wants to be a bucket dipper! The children identified what a Bucket Filler Classroom should, look, sound and feel like. We decided that it’s everybody’s responsibility to ensure that Lily Pad is a Bucket Filler Classroom every day. Together we have created a display that is a bright and visual reminder.


We decided we could fill our own and other peoples buckets by baking for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Together we made some delicious iced buns and helped raise an amazing £404.

Throughout this half term we have also been learning some new vocabulary and exploring the meaning behind these words. So far, we have discussed the words- responsibility, respect, consequences and trust. The children have had some very sensible and interesting discussions and shown some great understanding.


Looking outside of our classroom has sparked some conversations about weather and the differences we have seen throughout the year. Leading on from this we have learnt about the months of the year and the seasons. We will be continuing with this learning next term and looking forward to some exciting seasonal activities. We cannot wait!

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 is an exciting time with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas to celebrate.

We also created paper poppy wreaths and discussed Remembrance Day and the importance of the day we also talked about why poppies are worn and why poppy wreaths are laid at cenotaphs.


For Halloween the children made mini pepper lanterns to decorate our classrooms we create individual designs then we carefully carved out our peppers. We add a led tea light which created a spooky effect. We also swapped our reward buckets to a spooky version and made pumpkin spiced biscuits for snack.


For Bonfire night we created posters with our 5 top tips for a fun and safe Bonfire night. We also made indoor mini bonfires.

We also continued our work on seasons and their effect on trees and plants around us. As a class we decide to find out names of some of our British trees and how we can identify them from their seeds and leaves.  We looked in detail at leaves and learnt some technical vocabulary such as lobes, compound leaves and toothed. The children noticed that not all of our trees lose their leaves in autumn and we asked the question which trees lose their leaves and which trees don’t?

This led us to a discussion about deciduous and evergreen trees. To help us identify the names of trees we learnt the Types of Tree song.  We used images which the children thought would be a great way to learn the lyrics of the song. We used our new found skills of identifying tree names and types when we were ‘Nurture Detectives’ at Towneley Park.  Although it was a wet and soggy day we still had great fun. The images of our walk were then sent to the Woodland Trust and have gone towards earning our points to achieve The Green Tree Schools Award guide.


We continued our theme of leaves during Art Week.  Firstly the children used string to create the lines of the leaf they then began using pencil to complete half of an image of a leaf they then used  line drawings and their observational skills to draw a complete leaf. To complete our art pieces we used wax crayons and black paint to scratch out our leaf designs.

For our Design and Technology project we created biscuit wreaths to sell at the school Christmas market. The children taste tested 3 different types of biscuit, vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon we then voted for our favourite flavour. We also researched several different designs. The end results were very impressive and sold very quickly.

We also celebrated two of our Lily Pad children receiving Gold awards from Mrs Nasim. Well done Daniel and Theo, Mrs Moffitt and I are very proud of their achievements.

Spring 1

This half term we have completed work around the book ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’ by Virginia Ironside. The children listen to the worries Sophie was experiencing in the story and then discussed other worries that they or their friends may have. We then spent time thinking about who we can talk to about our worries and how once a worry is shared that they can sometimes disappear altogether.

We also created a worry monster who had specific worries that it enjoyed hearing such as thinking about a parent getting ill or not doing well on a test. Then we thought about when the monster liked to hear these worries such as bedtime just before going to sleep or on our way to school. We then gave the worry monsters something that they didn’t like and that would make them go away such as talking to an adult, being happy or laughing. All these things made worry monster feel small.

The children then designed a tissue box monster that can hold the worries in its mouth. They then created them and once they were made the monsters were not as scary as we first imagined.

During our time thinking about worries we decided that taking time to look after our wellbeing is very important having positive thoughts and feelings can really help. So, we decided we would spend time doing mindful minute activities and a weekly yoga session. The children really enjoyed spending some time being calm and peaceful.

We also really enjoyed Storytelling week in Lilypad with the children rating their favourite way to listen to a story either watching a video of a story, reading a story to themselves, listening to an audio book, listening to an adult or listening to their friend reading a story. We all had different favourites, but we all agreed that Daniel did a fantastic job of reading The Huge Book of Worries to us all.

The last week of term was Art week something that we all really enjoy in Lily Pad. This terms focus was printing, and it was decided it would be really nice if we could create something with the theme we have been working with all term. We felt it was really important to have a good night’s sleep and we sometimes need to put pleasant images into our minds before we close our eyes and go to sleep  so we came up with our own sweet dream images such as beautiful meadows or our pets. We all designed a repeating pattern of two images that would invoke positive and happy thoughts and dreams and designed our very own ‘Sweet Dream’ pillowcase that we printed using our own handmade stamps with truly wonderful sleep-inducing results!


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NSPCC Number Day
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