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Lily Pad

Lily Pad is a specialised provision run by Mrs Phipps and Mrs Moffitt, who are fully trained Nurture practitioners. In Lily Pad we provide a tailored curriculum to develop social and emotional skills in a fun, friendly and family orientated environment. Lily Pad has a maximum of 8 children and sessions take place four afternoons a week.

Autumn 1

This half term Lily Pad have acquired two new members. Welcome Lilly and Paddy.  Looking after gerbils correctly is a big responsibility and commitment and the children have taken this role in their stride. They are now able to recognise all the different aspects of caring for a living creature.

For the new academic year, we have introduced a new reward system. The children have read the book ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ written by Carol McCloud and we all have a bucket to fill where we can earn a prize.

To fill a bucket is easy- be kind, be helpful, pay a compliment and pass on a smile. Nobody wants to be a bucket dipper! The children identified what a Bucket Filler Classroom should, look, sound and feel like. We decided that it’s everybody’s responsibility to ensure that Lily Pad is a Bucket Filler Classroom every day. Together we have created a display that is a bright and visual reminder.


We decided we could fill our own and other peoples buckets by baking for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Together we made some delicious iced buns and helped raise an amazing £404.

Throughout this half term we have also been learning some new vocabulary and exploring the meaning behind these words. So far, we have discussed the words- responsibility, respect, consequences and trust. The children have had some very sensible and interesting discussions and shown some great understanding.


Looking outside of our classroom has sparked some conversations about weather and the differences we have seen throughout the year. Leading on from this we have learnt about the months of the year and the seasons. We will be continuing with this learning next term and looking forward to some exciting seasonal activities. We cannot wait!

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