Marvels – Y1


Little Marvels Love to Learn!

Class teacher – Mrs Ahmed

Mrs Hutchinson also helps us with our learning


Autumn 1

Little Marvels have had a busy start to the academic year! We have been learning our school rules, routines and responsibilities. This year, Little Marvels have also adopted WWF polar bear and have pledged to help protect polar bears!


In Little Marvels, we have been looking at different fiction stories. We have focussed on Oliver Jeffers ‘Lost and Found’. It is all about a penguin, who came to visit a little boy and their adventures. We are learning to apply our phonic knowledge in to our reading and writing.    


In Maths, we have been learning about ‘Place Value’ and the different equipment that we can use to help us with our learning. Little Marvels, have been practising counting numbers up to 30 forwards and backwards! We are continuing to practise writing our number formations correctly.


In Science, Little Marvels are learning about ‘Seasons’. They have been discussing the four seasons and the key differences between each season. We have had lots of fun collecting leaves and making leave pictures.



In our art work, we have been celebrating our similarities and differences. Little Marvels, know that we are all unique and special in our own ways. 



In PE we have been working on our ball skills. We have been practicing throwing and catching and playing lots of games that use these skills.


Our Music lessons have been really fun! We have been composing our own music and using the glockenspiels. 


In Computing we have been looking at the uses of information technology beyond school. We have also been using Purple Mash to improve our coding skills.