Your child is now using Mathletics as an important part of their maths learning programme across the School.  So, what is it? 

Mathletics is an online Maths learning platform, helping children enjoy maths and improve their results.  As part of this your child will have a unique username and password that allows him/her to log on and attempt learning directly to suit their needs.

What makes Mathletics great is that through a unique username and password* your child is able to access this resource 24 hours a day. This means that he/she can work at their own pace; anywhere, anytime.

Mathletics at Home

We recommend that you spend time looking at the program with your child so that you can see how Mathletics will benefit his or her learning.  If your child cannot remember his/her log in details please see their class teacher.  As a parent or guardian, you can sign up to receive:

Weekly Reports. These reports will provide you with details on your child’s progress and achievement. To register for this service, you will need your child’s username and password- this can be obtained from your child or their class teacher.


Complete the fields and click Submit
Record your new username and password

To access the Parent Centre:
Sign in using your own user details

Further information and guides on Mathletics can be found under the Help tab.

Each child’s Mathletics account holds information relating to individual results and progress. Unfortunately, it is not possible to correct results or retrieve credits if the account has been accessed by someone else.

*3P Learning is committed to protecting the safety and security of their registered users

If you experience difficulty in loading the Mathletics website at home please contact mathletics on 0117 370 1990 or