Andy’s Man Club

Written by School Admin on March 8, 2018

On Wednesday 7th March Luke Ambler attended Springfield Community Primary School to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Luke Ambler is a former professional Super League and International rugby league player, playing for the likes of Halifax and Leeds Rhinos. Luke is now a public speaker, speaking in various different settings such as schools, colleges, prisons and corporate businesses across the world.

The purpose of Luke’s visit to Springfield was to raise aspirations, resilience and wellbeing for Years 4, 5 and 6. This was done in the form of workshops. The workshops were incredibly intense and emotional for all those involved, delivered with passion and enthusiasm.

Luke Ambler says “I am intensely passionate about people and, more importantly, helping to empower them to be the best they can be. A former Super League player who appeared for Ireland in two world cups, I now travel the world delivering workshops and talks to audiences of all ages about how to unlock their potential.

I believe everyone has potential. Some just don’t realise it, believe it enough or need it coaxing out of them. My workshops are focussed on personal development and improving mental health. The main area is on building greater self-belief, confidence, reasoned motivation and higher self-esteem.”.

The day was incredibly motivational for all those involved; Madison says that she learnt “If you appreciate everything you have, you have everything you need”

Leighton  learnt that “The difference between wanting something and achieving something is how much effort you put in. If you try your hardest and harder than anyone else there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals.

The day was finished off with a workshop for the staff. The workshop was a perfect recipe of passion, humour, emotion and enthusiasm. All those that attended came away feeling much more positive and ready to make new changes to their own outlook

Lisette Wilson (Learning mentor and Governor) explains that “ Luke’s passion certainly came across in both the sessions delivered to the children and also with the staff workshop. He certainly empowered Springfield Community Primary School.

Springfield Community Primary School would like to thank Luke Ambler for all his hard work and wish him luck for the future, raising aspirations and inspiring people near and far.