Mr Brown’s Boys Club – Week 2

Written by School Admin on May 10, 2018

For the second instalment of MBBC we focused on ‘Values’. The session started with a discussion about influences within our lives. We filled in an activity sheet about those influences rating the importance.  We all agreed that the biggest influences within our lives were people within our families, then teachers and friends and finally people like sports stars and other famous people.

After discussion, it was noted that all the people we had discussed were ‘positive influences’. This then lead to the observation that people can also be a ‘negative influence’. The negative influences can often get us into tricky situations that we may not be comfortable with. We also said that the positive influences are the ones that we would like to be like as we progress through life. These people also help us to inform our opinions of what we believe and our values.

By now it was time for our 45 minutes of sport. Today was target practice using different balls and using throwing and kicking. In the hall we set out different targets, each with a different ball that was used for that target and each one was worth a certain amount of points. This gave us chance to practice different techniques we had learnt throughout school in a very focussed and competitive way. The boys as ever took this very seriously, I couldn’t tell you who the winner was as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself (IT WASN’T ME!!!).

By now it was time for more work in the classroom. We talked about how we should surround ourselves with more ‘Positive Influences’ as these are the ones that want the best for us and will help us to succeed. We also decided that these are the people who have the best values.

After this we looked at some ‘moral dilemmas’. We had a line, at one end of the line was ‘Totally Acceptable’ and at the other end was ‘Totally Unacceptable’. We read the moral dilemmas and decided where on the line we should place them. We realised that people’s opinions were very different and this was due to the fact we have different values. There was no right or wrong answer, just what we valued more.

Our definition of values;

  • Important beliefs that help people to make choices about the things they do and the way they behave.