Mr Brown’s Boys Club – Happiness & Health (week 3)

Written by School Admin on July 3, 2018

For the third week (25th June) the focus was emotional health and how we can keep ourselves emotionally healthy. The group discussed that all of us have emotional health and keeping this positive is just as important as being physically fit. We then explained that being physically and emotionally healthy can work together. It is easier to keep one healthy when the other is also healthy.

As with the previous week, we completed the emotionally healthy person using the same process. Completing the outline of the person using pictures of various things. We decided that doing a lot of the activities or things we had discussed will benefit us physically and emotional, especially being active.

Every week, the group would have a 45 minute break to partake in physical activity, most notably football (the group’s choice). This gave us a perfect scenario to have first-hand experience of the benefits of physical activity on our emotional and physical health.