Mr Brown’s Boys Club – Week 1

Written by School Admin on May 6, 2018

For the first week of Mr Brown’s Boys Club we worked on ‘Self-esteem’. We discussed what it meant, what it is and the benefits of having it, We talked about having pride in what we do and recognising the things we are good at. Having a goal to work towards can help us be proud of different things, this will then build our self-esteem.

The boys decided that we are all good at different things and that this is a good thing because everyone is different. Being unique makes the world more interesting. However, we can all develop ourselves in order to further our abilities in areas we may not be as strong in.

After 45minutes of intense work and discussion, we felt it was time for some sport. As a group we decided cricket would be today’s form of exercise. This fit perfectly with the theme for this week as some of the boy’s favoured sport was cricket. The ones who were very good were able to show the others how to perform certain aspects of cricket. Doing this gave everyone confidence, the ones who were very good felt good about being able to help the others and the ones who were developing could see improvement in their abilities.

After the exercise it was time to go back for more work. We looked at a development wheel and rated ourselves (1-5) on our abilities in certain areas. Then we discussed how we could develop ourselves in these areas and improve the score, giving ourselves goals to work towards.

By the end of the session we talked about the definition of self-esteem and had a go at creating our own, something that we can use to motivate us. We came up with;

  • When someone feels GOOD about and RESPECTS THEMSELVES.