Mr Brown’s Boys Club – Week 3

Written by School Admin on May 15, 2018

On Thursday 10th May, the newly formed and named (by the boys themselves) Mr Brown’s Boys Club (MBBC) had their 3rd session. The focus of this week’s session was RESILIENCE.

The first 45 minutes of the afternoon was spent learning all about how we can develop our own resilience. We started by looking at overcoming physical adversity or failures (such as losing a football match). We watched a video about Leicester City FC from when they won the Premier League and how they had to be resilient to get there.

After this we played a game around team work, focussing on the importance of communication skills, both speaking and listening. This was followed by a game of cricket.

For the final part of the session we looked at being resilient towards other aspects of life. This included when people can say hurtful things or when things feel a little tough. We looked at ways of dealing with different scenarios. We also touched on how we can help others that may not be as resilient as ourselves and how to reframe unhelpful thinking.