The Return of Mr Brown’s Boys Club

Written by School Admin on October 12, 2018

This week saw the return of MBBC (Mr Brown’s Boys Club). For the remainder of this half term and up until the end of Autumn 2018, 11 boys will be split between 2 groups and will work with Mr Brown every Monday afternoon. The group will focus on improving skills that are not always necessarily focused on everyday learning. The skills will be improved using different forms of learning, media, exercise and classroom activities.

Students need education to include how to understand and look after their wellbeing – just like we learn how to look after our physical health. By shifting the focus to promoting wellbeing and building resilience we can do so much to improve the lives of so many.”

Sarah Brennan Chief Executive, Young Minds

School years are key to developing social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours. This period sets a pattern for how a young person will manage their wellbeing into adulthood. At Springfield Community Primary School we are committed to improving wellbeing across the whole school.

MBBC is a group for boys to improve skills that will benefit them throughout their whole lives and can have positive impacts on learning.

If anyone would like further information about MBBC please feel free to contact Mr Brown at school.