Hogwarts – Flash Bang Science

Written by School Admin on October 26, 2016

Thursday 20th October 

Hogwarts were lucky enough to visit Unity College for a Flash Bang  science afternoon in their science lab with Mrs Oakley and two students in year 9.

The children carried out 4 experiments with lots of help! The first one was watching the hydrogen rocket shoot into the air- the children were delighted with how far it went! The next experiment was in the science lab. The children watched the reaction between a liquid and a solid and saw that it bubbled! Next they blew up a balloon, without touching it and made the solution go ‘pop’ afterwards using a flame and a splint.

The last experiment was the Hogwarts favourite. The children made a volcano, the children loved this as it reminded them about  year three when they took part in making their own volcanoes!

All in all, the children had a wonderful afternoon and are looking forward to doing it again next time!