Nurture (2016 – 17)

Welcome to Garden Room

Watch US Grow!

In Garden Room we are taught and helped by

Mrs Phipps and…

Mrs Moffit

Garden room runs for four afternoons a week Monday to Thursday.

During our time in Garden Room we learn to work as a member of a team, understand a little more about our feelings and how we can manage them in a positive way. We also learn to become confident and co-operative learners.

All this is done through activities such as feelings fans, story massage, story book based topic lessons, group games, cookery plus lots of fun, fun, fun!



Autumn Term 1

During this half term we have been settling into the routine of Garden room and learning about our various role and responsibilities. Each week we have a new job and responsibility that we are allocated on a rota basis.

We have also been working on feelings and how we express them. We have learnt that the way we feel shows on our bodies and on our faces. We have been working through a Smart Kids feelings programme.

We are also in the process of making a Garden Room Recipe Book. Each week we work together to make either, a sweet or savoury snack to share. The recipe is then put into our book and we all write a recipe review.