Nurture Group (2015-16)

Welcome to the Garden Room


In Garden Room we are taught by Mrs Phipps and Mrs Moffitt.

In the mornings we are taught in small groups for Literacy and Numeracy in a creative and differentiated way.

In the afternoons we spend time exploring feelings, behaviours and experiences.

Please look at some of the exciting learning that takes place in our class.








Spring Term 2016


On World Book Day our theme in Garden room was ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ We read the story and then just like the little old woman we baked our own gingerbread boys and girls. Luckily ours didn’t run away!


Making finger puppets of the characters from the story and performing to each other was our next activity. 


Finally we wrote a class story called ‘The Doughnut Man’ and made book covers for it.


Here is a short excerpt from our story:

The Doughnut Man

One day, a lovely, little old woman decided to make a tasty, sweet doughnut, to eat after dinner. She mixed the batter, then rolled it and shaped it and just for fun she made a face on the doughnut. She put the doughnut in the fryer. The fryer started to spit and hiss and the doughnut started to turn a lovely shade of brown.

As she lifted out the doughnut it suddenly sprang out of the pan. It had turned magically into a doughnut man! Doughnut man jumped onto the floor and out of the door singing, “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the doughnut man!” The little old woman couldn’t catch him.


Summer Term 2016

This term we have been studying the work of the famous Irish designer Orla Kiely. Using her work as our inspiration we designed and printed our own tote bags. The children had various ideas for what their bags would be used for this included; using it for mum’s shopping, to store their IPad and to keep their purse in.


Our finished bags   


We have also been learning the skill of Story Massage. We have now learnt the twelve strokes and we are now in the process of creating our own simple stories using the massage techniques.


Here are some quotes from the children:

“I really love story massage, it makes me feel relaxed.”

“It’s nice when someone asks me if I’d like a massage.”

“We can make up our own stories and the moves fit with the story. Like if it’s raining in the story you could use the ‘sprinkle’ move.”