Phonics & Spelling

In Key Stage 1, we use the phonics scheme ‘ letters and sounds’ where we follow the lesson plans through the phases: Phase 1 and 2 in Foundation, 3 and 4 in Year 1, 5 and 6 in Year 2. We use phonics play as a tool for helping children to remember the sounds and also to practise the blending and segmenting of the sounds in words. We support the teaching and learning of Phonics with phonetically decode-able books that children take home to read with parents.

Furthermore, where children are not making the required progress in this area, we put interventions into place including ELS (Early Literacy Support) in Year 1 and Fast Track Phonics in Year 2. In certain situations where Phonics does not work for a specific child we put together bespoke programmes to ensure pupils become more confident and make progress in their reading.

Children across EYFS and Keystage 1 have dedicated phonics sessions every week aswell as additional short sessions in the afternoon. 

For children at Keystage 2 that still require phonics, sessions are time tabled in.

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