The whole school enjoyed a Science week in April. We were lucky enough to have visits from Warburtons and Lancashire Hawks and Owls. Each class also took part in lots of exciting investigations.


Year 1 and Reception enjoyed making healthy sandwiches with Warburtons.


Some children in Year 4 experimented with making slime and also researching Albert Einstein.


In Year 1 the children designed, made and tested boats.


In Science, Year 1 have been learning about the Seasons and taking part in lots of practical investigations.


We have also started learning about Plants and we began by going on a plant hunt!


This year, Avengers have thoroughly enjoyed their science topics. In autumn, they learnt about animals including humans which also included the human body. The children have studied how the human skeleton works and why it is important for our bodies.

Regarding animals, the children applied their ICT skills to research information about animals and their habitats and enjoyed learning about the concept of food chains.

Throughout the term, the children carried out a of range practical investigations including measuring and comparing how far people of different sizes can jump.

During the spring term, year 3 have investigated the properties of rock and soils. The children loved testing which rocks were permeable or impermeable and have also described how a fossil can be formed and be discovered by palaeontologists. During the year, the children have demonstrated many skills to work scientifically including coming up with investigative questions, making observations and recording results.

The BFG’s have learnt all about electricity, discussed vocabulary and discussed renewable energy. Linked to this, we have held debates about renewable energy and fossil fuels and written up discussions. We then moved onto looking at the water cycle in little detail, linking this to Geography and our topic ‘Water.’ We then focused our learning around evolution and inhearitance. The children learnt about inherited and acquired traits and skills, this led to a debate about certain skills and how we believed that some children are born with a natural talent! The pupils also designed their own animal, thinking about how it would adapt to its surroundings and why it would need different features, the children published a piece of writing about this in their presentation books.