Sport at Springfield

Play Leaders 2016

10 Children from Y4-6 were given a 4 week Play Leader training course by members of the School Sports Partnership. This training is now used on a daily basis to deliver Level 1 sports competitions at play times and dinner times.

Orienteering at Towneley Hall- 28th September 2016

A handpicked group of children were selected to attend an orienteering event at Towneley Hall. The event was an introduction into orienteering and involved lots of fun games. The games were hosted by volunteers from Unity College.

All the children had lots of fun and always had big smile on their faces. The games involved lots of balance, coordination and map reading skills. After the group had finished the first games, they were then ready to test their skills in an orienteering game. Hidden around Towneley Hall, were different animal markers. They had to find as many as they could in 15 minutes. They managed to find a brilliant 8. Well done to all those involved.



Year 2 Fun Run- 27th September 2016

Some children from year 2 attended a Fun Run at Towneley Park. It was a non-competitive event but gave the children a chance to be active whilst having fun outside of school.

The race was run in two separate races. The boys went first, both Lucas and Harrison set off with a great pace and maintained this throughout. Next up were the girls. All 3 set off, going as fast as their little legs could take them.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a smile on their faces throughout. Well done to you all.