Indoor Athletics

Written by School Admin on October 22, 2018

On 16th October, 11 children from Springfield Community Primary School attended an indoor athletics competition held at Unity College. The event was attended by 6 schools in total. The event consisted of ‘Track and Field’ activities.

The children were split into boys and girls. First up for the boys was the 6×1 relay race. Each boy had to run to the end of the sports hall, round a cone, back to the top and high 5 the next person. After they had completed this they then had to complete a 6×1 relay again, this time with the added difficulty of hurdles. Whilst this was happening, the girls were split into 2 groups, one group started with the ‘speed bounce’ whilst the other group had to do the ‘long jump’. After they had done this they had to do either a chest pass or the javelin.

Once all these events had finished the boys and girls swapped over, with the girls doing the relay and the boys doing the jumping and throwing.

After these events had finished, the competition culminated with a whole school relay. All the boys and girls had to run one length of the sports hall and high 5 the next person at the opposite end.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Riley said that “My Favourite part was the running and jumping over the hurdles”. Evie-Rae explains that “I went to an athletics competition, we did running, throwing and jumping. I really enjoyed the hurdles because they were really big to jump over.” Emily said “ We all had so much fun and it was good to race against other schools. I didn’t get a medal but I was really happy that I got to take part.”.

The competition was a fun based event and was not looking for over all winners. However, 2 children from Springfield did receive medals. Aaron received a medal for furthest chest push by a boy and Riley received one for furthest javelin by a boy. All the children were impeccably behaved as usual and a credit to the school.