Sunshine Group (2015-16)

 This is a group that runs every afternoon and is led by Mrs Wilson and supported by Mrs Lingard.  The children that access the group follow a specially devised programme that is needs led.

Spring Term 2016

This term the children have based their learning around Jack and the Beanstalk.  As part of this the children have designed and constructed their own giant’s castle using lego, produced large collages of the main characters, baked buns that would entice the giant, taken part in role play and been involved hot seating as a way of exploring the characters thoughts and feelings.  Over the coming weeks the children will also be making links to the Science curriculum by planting beans and discussing the conditions required for them to grow.                                                                                                    



Once the children finished making their castles Mrs Nasim and our cleaner Mrs Wilson were asked to judged them and announce a ‘construction winner’.  To make it a fair process the names were kept hidden so that the judges were not aware of which castle belonged to each of the children.   Please see the winner with his castle and prize below.



Summer Term 2016