SWAT Ambassadors

At Springfield Community Primary school, we love to reach out to other schools to work together. We know that this gives our pupils experiences with new friends from different parts of the county.

This year we became a member of a cluster called ‘SWAT’ which stands for ‘Schools Working and Achieving Together.’ As one part of this we chose12 children from KS2 to represent our school for this project. They are our SWAT Ambassadors.

Spring Term 2017

Monday 16th January

The SWAT ambassadors met with the governors of the curriculum committee today to talk about all the work they have done since the group formed in September.  The children spoke clearly and went through the powerpoint that they had shared at the celebration event back in November.  Well done SWAT ambassadors!

Out first responsibility, as ambassadors, was to produce a presentation at a celebration event on  why our school is special.

On Thursday 17th November, the ambassadors, with Miss Templar and Mrs Nasim attended an event at the Ace Centre, along with eleven other schools. The children presented their presentation in front of over 100 people and they were fantastic! Their behaviour throughout the day was outstanding and teachers from others schools commented on this, which made us very proud.


In the afternoon the children work alongside two other schools- St James Lanehead Burnley and St Philips Nelson, as part of a trio to create a friendship tapestry.  



At the end of the day our ambassadors swapped their bookmarks with a new friend that they had made over the course of the day.


There will be many more events throughout the year, which the children are looking forward to.

Our Ambassadors are:

Fiona, Sanah, Aimee, Darcy, Ismaaeel, Ryan, Kacie, Alfie, Leighton, Darcey, JJ and Irene.

Well done, children, you were brilliant!

Coming up:

The SWAT ambassadors will be visting St James Lanehead to spend a morning with their new friends on Wednesday 22nd February 2017.  Joining us will also be the ambassadors from St Phillips.

The Springfield SWAT ambassadors will be playing host to St James Lanehead and St Phillips Nelson on the 21st March 2017.