Year 3 2015/16

Welcome to Year 3

Our Teacher is Miss Templar

Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Creek and Miss Wilkinson





In class we  learnt about Myths and Fables.  As part of this we got the opportunity to identify features in order to create a checklist and then used to write our very own fables.



More recently we have been reading the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Murpurgo and undertaking lots of learning around this.  Have a look at some of the work we have done.



In Maths the children have been consolidating number facts related to multiplication and division. The children have also focused on solving problems in contexts and more recently learnt how to calculate perimeter and area.



Our focus in Science has been electricity.  The children are now able to identify everyday things that use batteries and those that use electricity.  Some of the children have also been able to identify the different ways that electricity is formed and question which is more eco-friendly.


In topic we have focused on China.  At the start of the topic the children completed a KWL grid on what they already knew and what they wanted to find out. Following on from this the children had great fun in answering why questions related to why they would want to visit China and why they might not.  It’s amazing how controversial  visiting the Great Wall of China was in our class! Creating chinese dragons was another piece of learning that the children enjoyed as well as writing stories inspired by tales from China. One story even had the clay army come to life.



In RE this term we have looked at the miracles that Jesus performed and what the stories really said about Jesus.  As part of this we considered whether Jesus could really heal people.  A lot of the children put forward some really strong arguments.


Summer term 2016


In literacy this half term, we have been writing our own fairy tales, based on Jack and the Beanstalk. We looked at the features of a fairytale and created our own settings and characters. The children began to use adjectives, adverbs and even similes in their writing!

After fairy tales, we wrote reports on different volcanoes and volcanic eruptions. We researched the famous Pompeii and looked at volcanic eruptions from across the world, including Mount St Helens and Mauna Loa.  More recently we have looked at narrative writing.

Have a look at some of our thought processes below:



We have continued following the Lancashire Numeracy plan, with a focus on learning our times tables. We have used different apps on the iPads and the Interactive White Board to help us to learn and practise our times table facts. We have used different areas of school to develop our skills, including finding perimeter in the hall and answering mental maths questions outside using chalk. The children have also enjoyed working in the challenge area, where they can complete different challenges independently.




We have been learning about The Stone Age. We have asked our own questions and found out the answers all about the different stages of The Stone Age.  As part of this, we also looked at how the earth has changed and how volcanoes were formed. We then went onto to draw our own cave paintings and make our own volcanoes that we erupted in the playground!