Year 4 2015/16

Welcome to Year 4

Our Teacher is Mr Coates

Our Teaching Assistants are Ms Brown and Mrs Lingard

Autumn Term 2015


In Literacy, we have had a busy term. We have been learning about folk tales so we looked mainly at the ‘Story of the Pendle Witches’ and overall we enjoyed learning about them and their legacy.

We have also been looking at newspaper articles, in which we created an article about our canal trip and how to the canal helped the trade in Burnley and Lancashire as a whole.

Fantasy stories have also been covered this term; we have been looking at Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone and then working towards creating our own story.


In Mathematics, most of our learning this first term, has been on the four operations and also problem solving using them. Alongside this, we have also been looking at time, perimeter and shape.


In Science, we are learning about food chains and also life within our local environment. We have been looking at the canal and what type of living organisms live there.


Our Topic learning, this term, has been focused on our local environment. We have been researching the canal and how it helped our town thrive during the industrial revolution.  Additionally, we have also looked at Burnley in the Victorian era especially looking at children within this period of time.


In PE, we have learning about travelling in different ways and also balancing, in our gymnastics unit of work. We also have PE on a Thursday afternoon with Mr. Brown and he teaches us how to successfully play PE games like football, tennis, hockey etc.


In computing we have looking how to use the computer program ‘Scratch’ and looking at algorithms of how to move characters, in this program.


We have also been learning a different language in Year 4 and we have been looking at French. Days of the week, greetings, colours etc. of the French language have been our focus this term.

Some Key Reminders

We have PE in school every Wednesday Morning and Thursday Afternoon so all children need their kit in school. Also tap for ears if they have earrings that can’t be removed.

Starting from January, Year 4 has started to go swimming aswell.  

Spellings go out on Friday and are tested on the following Friday.

Homework is given out on Thursday and is expected to be back in school by the following Tuesday.  


Spring Term 2016


Year 4 have been learning about Myths and Legends, focussing on Ancient Greek myths such as Pandora’s Box. The children have written their own version of this classic story, including the key features of an effective myth.  The class then moved on to studying non-chronological reports and how to compose them effectively.  For example, they are learning how to use titles, sub headings, images, rhetorical questions, fact boxes, and other key features to create an eye catching report.



In class the children learning about data handling for most of this half term, looking at gathering data, creating graphs using it and then interpreting/analysing it. We have also been working on the four operations (+, -, x and ÷). We are now learning about ‘Area’ and how to work out the area of different shapes.


We have been looking at animals and their habitats and we are now moving onto Humans and our bodies. We are going to be looking at food groups, different organs in our body and also bones.


We have been learning about Greeks. As part of this the children have learnt about the Greek gods, the way the Greeks lived and also completed a lot of work around Greek stories and myths, which links to our English learning.  As a final outcome the children and staff were invited to our very own greek banquet.


In RE, we have been focusing on Christianity and focused our learning around the Easter story.


In Computing, we have been researching wikis and blogs. We are also starting to create our own for the class and school.


In PE, we have been learning about games and dance with Mr. Brown. Additionally, we have also been swimming at the St. Peter’s Centre every Tuesday since Christmas.


In Music, we have been looking into beat and tempo mainly. Singing songs and also speeding up and slowing down rhymes.


World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March






Digging Up The Past

Thursday 17th March

As part of themed day we focused on one aspect of the Romans in preparation for our topic after Easter.  Having just completed Ancient Greece the children spent the morning using their computing skills to research the similarities and differences between Greek and Roman gods.


Science Day

Friday 18th March

In our Science day, we looked at flight with a focus on aeroplanes. As a class the children looked into creating an experiment which would test paper aeroplanes and whether the design would affect the distance travelled. We changed certain variables like weight, length, size of wings and then conducted our experiment. We also predicted and concluded our findings from the day as well.


Summer Term 2016


In English, we have learning about implementing grammar. We have been looking at commas, apostrophes and complex & compound sentences along with structure. Additionally to this, we have also been looking at written pieces with issues and dilemmas in them, we completed work around the book ‘Esio Trot’ written by Roald Dahl and now we are looking to write our piece in his style.



In Mathematics, we have learning about a number of different concepts. We’ve looked at place value,  square numbers, patterns in shape and number, mental arithmetic, the four operations, measurements and the use of negative numbers (using thermometer).



In topic, we have been looking at ‘The Romans’. We have researched their beliefs, their impact of the world around us (what we have today that is because of the Romans). Additionally, we have looked at Hadrian’s wall and its importance it played for them and the Scots.


We have been looking at different materials and structures that are made out of different materials (Golden Gate Bridge and the Pyramids of Egypt). We are currently working on sound and discovering how sound travels and how it enters our ears and then we hear it.


Year 4 have been learning about Judaism. We’ve been looking at the Jewish places of worship and also different parts of their religion (rituals).