Year 6 2015/16

Welcome to Year 6

Our Teacher is Mr McCabe

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Smith and Mr Brown


Spring Term 2016




Summer Term 2016


In English we have been enjoying fantastic novels by Michael Morpurgo and using them to write play-scripts, character descriptions and short stories. 


We have studied formal non-fiction writing in order to compose invitations, reports, balanced and persuasive arguments. Traditional Tales from Germany and Russia and Classic Greek Fables have inspired us to write our own original versions. Additionally, Grammar and Punctuation sessions have focused on adverbs and adjectives, colons and connectives and prepositions and paragraphs.

Meanwhile, daily guided-reading sessions have enabled everyone to focus on understanding a range of frequently complex Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts dealing with topics as diverse as Antarctica, The Wild West, Drumming, Environmental Issues, The Weather, Ancient- Greek Myths and The Disaster at Pompeii.

As part of Reading Analysis – Phase 1 and 2 we identified text features to help us when it came to the Writing stage.

The above piece was studied when looking at Discussion texts.

Have a look at some of the writing we have produced:




In Maths we have covered topics related to the Four Rules of Number, Problem-Solving and Reasoning-particularly in Mega-Maths sessions. Time has been generously allocated to learning about 2D and 3D shapes Angles Translation, symmetry and rotation Length and distance ,Weight and mass ,Time Money ,Temperature Volume and capacity, Area and perimeter ,Tables and lists ,Graphs ,Mean, mode and median and Using ICT!!!




In Science we have covered the topic of Animals, which focused on the human body. As part of that, we learnt about the digestive system; identified where the major organs were and commented on their function.  We also looked at the heart, which involved loacting the main parts and used this to explain how it worked whilst commenting on the function that blood plays.



In RE we have studied Christianity and Islam.  Have a look at the work we have done.