Gruffalos – YR (2017/18)


 Learning to play, Playing to learn!

Class teacher- Miss Harrison

Mrs Barnes, Miss Hosker, Miss Creek and Mr Brown also help us with our learning

Summer 2

Our theme has been “Make a splash!”

We have learnt about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. We made our own Dragon Boats for Foxy Loxy so he could join in the race. We had our own ideas and thought carefully about what to use to make our boats. We had to keep on trying to cut and stick the pieces together.


We sang a Dragon Boat song and “rowed” our Dragon Boat to the beat of our drums, in our class assembly.


We have been exploring what we can do with water at Forest School with Mrs White. We can paint, clean and make rivers.


Also at Forest School with Mrs White we have been making shelters and dens to keep cool in the hot weather. There were lots of problems to solve and we had to work together as a team.


Summer 1

Gruffalo’s Summer 1 2018

We have had lots of exciting things happening this half term.

We have been inside a brain and found out how to keep our brains healthy.


In science week we had visits from some owls. We got to stoke them gently and hold them.


We had a visit from a Warburtons bakery. The lady helped us to make sandwiches.


We walked to Aldi to buy things to make shakers with back in school. We explored the sounds the different things made. We used them to make music.


We have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen and done lots of writing about it.

We are very good story tellers in Gruffalo’s. Listen to one of us telling the story of Goldilocks.


We made our own playdough.


We celebrated the Royal wedding by having a picnic and creating our own clothes and flowers and having lots of weddings!


We found out lots about growing with Mrs White we have planted seeds, found seeds in fruit and vegetables and looked after the plants we have in our garden.


And finally a selection of some of the amazing things we have done all by ourselves …


Spring 2

Gruffalo’s Spring 2 2018

Gruffalo’s theme has been “From snowflakes to sunshine”. We have had some snow but not a lot of sunshine! When it was snowing we went out and explored how it felt and what we could do with the snow. We tried to make a snowman but this time there wasn’t enough snow.


We did manage to make some snowmen inside with found objects.

One day Foxy Loxy was really cold and wet. We decided we would try to make him a clothes to keep him warm and dry. We thought about our own coats and looked at different materials to predict which might be best. We tested the material by wrapping puppets in material and pouring on water. Some of the puppets were still dry!

One day we discovered Brown Bear had gone missing. We made posters to let people know he was missing.


We went on Bear Hunts in PE and outside, but we couldn’t find him. We did find other bears and talked about where they were hiding using positional language and we counted how many of each type. Also we got to move with control in lots of different ways.


We did have some letters from him telling us he was visiting his cousin Black Bear. We wrote back and told him all the fun things we were doing. We hope he finds his way back soon!


Special Events

We have celebrated Easter making Easter bonnets, which we paraded.


We had a visit from the Farm and met chickens, rabbits, tortoise and even a goat!


We also went on the Life Education Bus and met Harold. He needed help to keep healthy, here we are helping him wash and clean his teeth. We also thought of lots of ways to cheer him up because sometimes he felt sad.



Spring 1

Gruffalos have had a great time learning the story of Noah’s Ark this half term. We learnt about all the different animals and how to count them in twos! We also learnt the song about Noah’s Ark and the children did a fantastic job of performing it in front of the rest of the school in assembly! During English we practised writing animal names, in Maths we counted and added them, and in Art we painted them and made animal masks.


Another topic Gruffalos have really enjoyed this half term is The Sun, Moon and Stars. We read fantastic stories such as Aliens Love Underpants, Whatever Next, Guess How Much I Love You and Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? The children enjoyed activities such as designing their own aliens, building rockets and acting out flying to the Moon!



What we will be learning in Autumn Term

The Prime Areas of Learning and Development:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be working hard to settle the children into school routine. We will be focusing on working as a whole group, turn taking, sharing and building friendships.  The children will be working towards  speaking to others about their own needs, wants, interests and opinions; to play cooperatively taking turns with others; becoming aware of the boundaries set, and of behavioural expectations in the setting; and making conversations with others, asking questions.

Communication and Language

We will be working hard to improve our speaking and listening skills in both our small group activities and whole class circle times.  The children will be aiming to maintain concentration during an activity; responding to instructions; extend their vocabulary; and use their language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play.  To help the children to develop their speaking and listening skills we shall be nursery rhymes, circle times, songs, and stories.

Physical Development

We will be using a variety of opportunities and experiences to develop children’s confidence and awareness of space using our wonderful outdoor areas.  We aim for children in Reception to experiment with gross motor movements for example trying out different ways of moving and negotiating space successfully.  As well as fine motor movements for example, handling tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control, showing a preference for a dominant hand, and holding a pencil correctly.

The Specific Areas of Learning and Development:


Literacy incorporates reading and writing skills in a variety of fun, exciting and sometimes messy activities!  The children will begin to link sounds to letters, allowing children to read words and simple sentences; experiencing an increasing range of books; writing their own names and forming letters of the alphabet correctly.  Children shall learn their letters/sounds and high frequency words through their daily phonics sessions and then we will aid the children to transfer these skills into their reading and writing.


In Reception we will be practicing and using our mathematical skills in familiar contexts (e.g. role play, construction, sand, play dough etc.) to give us meaning to numbers and counting.  The children will be working towards recognising and forming numbers to 10; beginning to match numeral and quantity, in practical activities, beginning to use the vocabulary involved in adding; and beginning to explore shape, space, and measure.

Understanding the World

We will be building upon children’s interests and experiences, developing their curiosity and interest of their surroundings. We shall be visiting different parts of the community to learn about our surroundings and environment we live in.  The children will be looking closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change, as the seasons change into Winter.  We shall also be learning about family customs and routines.

Expressive Arts and Design

This term we will positively encourage children’s creative development through a range of media experiences such as paint, clay, song, dance, music and role play experiences. We aim for the children to begin to build a repertoire of songs and dances; experiment to create different textures; manipulate and use a variety of tools and techniques; create simple representations of people, events, and objects, and play alongside other children who are engaged in the same theme.


Key Workers:

Hello, I am Miss Harrison and I will be Gruffalo’s teacher for the rest of the year. I have been teaching for over 20 years, mainly in reception classes, but I have also taught in Key Stage 1 and in Nursery. I am a trained Forest School Leader and strongly believe in practical meaningful, play based learning to teach key skills for life long learning.  

Miss Harrison’s key children are:

Niamh, Kayden, Ismail, Megan, Christopher, Tristan, Sofia, Olivia, Elle, Daniella

Mrs Barnes works three days week in Reception class and leads on Outdoor Learning.  Educated to university degree level Mrs Barnes is an Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) with a teaching qualification for early years children.  Mrs Barnes is a creative and nurturing practitioner who is skilful in and knowledgeable of early years education.

Mrs Barnes’/Miss Creek’s key children are:

Holly-Mae, Layla-Mae, Bitsy, Ibrahim Ali, Amy, Nina, Miley, Irfa, Isaac, Sabaha

Miss Hosker came to us as an apprentice four years ago and was so good we had to keep her.  She was awarded Apprentice of the Year by Burnley College and put forward for the national finals.  Miss Hosker is calm, creative and kind – everything you need to teach in Reception.

Miss Hosker’s key children are:

Noah, Areyn, Maisie, Ibrahim T, Thomas, Kayley, Keeley, Andray, Joshua, Coby

New Starters

Before starting school in the children got the opportunity to visit and get a feel for what it would be like when they started in September.  Have a look below!


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