Family Learning

‘The Journey’ programme

On Monday 16th April 2018, a new group started in school for ladies only. The six week programme is called, THE JOURNEY

Aims of the programme:

To get the ladies thinking about the various ways they can work to improve their well-being in general.


Introduces the ladies to working in a small group with other ladies who are experiencing similar issues
Keeps up the momentum of working with others and connecting with them in a positive way
Covers how to stop being your own enemy and how to become your own friend
Helps them to set clear achievable personal goals for the future and continues to help them to change their negative thoughts into positive ones
Helps them to understand their growth.
Encourages them to able to identify solutions to problems that work for them
Allows them to develop a more positive outlook and approach to their everyday life

The course has been attended by quite a few ladies who want to go on to do more course for themselves such as:-

The Prize
Why Worry


Burnley Outreach – Course starting June 2017
Assessment – What you need to know