More Able Learners

‘Most able’ pupils are those who have ability or abilities beyond the large majority of children in the school and who consequently require more challenging learning.

The aims of AGT in our school are as follows:

Planning ensures that more able pupils are sufficiently supported and challenged, so that  children make at least expected progress from their starting point.

To support teachers in recognising the wide range of pupils’ talents and abilities.

To encourage and support the development of alternative approaches to teaching and learning that engage, extend and challenge more able and talented pupils at levels appropriate to their ability.

To provide professional development opportunities for staff if highlighted as a need.

To encourage a dialogue between parents, staff and pupils in respect of pupils’ special talents, abilities and developmental needs.

To provide a supportive social, emotional, pastoral and educational environment, including the provision of opportunities for contact with similarly able or talented peers within school and the wider community.

To monitor the progress of and evaluate the impact of AGT within school.

To actively seek students who deserve to be members of the able and talented programme

At Springfield Primary School, every child has access to Quality First Teaching through which differentiation will ensure that all pupils have access to a relevant and appropriate curriculum. This may take the form of extension (providing challenges which go more deeply into a topic) or enrichment (providing other activities which run alongside the normal curriculum and go more broadly into specific areas of study). Teachers use a range of flexible learning and teaching strategies to keep the most able children interested and provide them with challenge.