Parent View

Parent View – Give your views

Many thanks to all the parents that returned our questionnaire at the end of the Summer Term 2 2017.  We have now collated the results and are in a position to share them.

In total we received 55 responses. Please note all the figures have been rounded up to the nearest whole number.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree
My child enjoys coming to school 69% 27% 4%    
My child is safe at school 73% 25% 2%    
The school understands and responds to my child’s needs 67% 29% 4%    
My child is taught well at school 65% 33% 2%    
My child is making good progress 67% 25% 7%    
My child is encouraged to work hard and do their best 62% 35% 2% 2%  
My child receives an appropriate amount of homework for his/her age 49% 24% 13% 9% 5%
My child enjoys a stimulating range of extra-curricular activities 58% 27% 13% 2%  
The school communicates with me effectively about my child’s progress 53% 44% 4%    
The school communicates with me effectively about how to support my child’s learning 45% 42% 13%    
The school communicates with me effectively about school events and activities 64% 33% 4%    
The school seeks my views and listens to my concerns 60% 27% 13%    
There is a good standard of behaviour at Springfield 56% 36% 2% 5%  
The school deals with any incidents of bullying effectively 53% 31% 15% 2%  
The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved 60% 36% 2% 2%  
The school is well led and managed


65% 31% 4%    
The school responds well to any concerns I raise 58% 35% 7%    
My child is encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle 65% 31% 4%    
My child gets on well with children from other backgrounds 69% 31%      
My child is encouraged to positively contribute to the wider community 64% 29% 7%    
I would recommend Springfield to another family  71% 25% 4%    

In response to the questionnaire and the feedback that we have received, from the start of the new academic year we will be:

  1. Restarting the Friends of Springfield, so that parents can get involved and contribute more to school
  2. Putting on more events for parents to get involved with.
  3. Improving communication through ensuring all classes have a class noticeboard outside their classes with up to date information
  4. Reviewing homework, with a view to changing the format, moving to homework assignments
  5. Ensuring the HT is more visible so parents can talk to her- HT will be available at dropping off time every morning