Fantastic Foxes – Y2 (2017/18)

Learn and Be Happy!

Class teacher – Mrs S Ahmed

Mrs Phipps and Ms Brown help us with our learning

Hello! My name is Mrs Ahmed your child’s teacher this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child and I am confident that we will make a great start to the year.


PE lessons will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Your child should have their PE kit in school by now.  It is essential that your child has the full PE kit on their peg everyday (in case there is a timetable change!) No earrings should be worn on these days.


It is important the children read at home every single day to help them with their fluency and understanding, even if it is for only five minutes. Can we also please ensure that the children bring their school bags into school every single day so we can listen to them read at every given opportunity.


Each half-term we are given homework that matches the learning we do in school for each topic. Reading books will be changed when needed and after the children have quizzed their book. Please try to read with your child every day.

Summer 2

Fantastic Foxes have had a busy last half term!

Mrs Dowson’s Farm

This half term our topic was ‘Farmyard Animals’. To enhance our learning experience we had an amazing opportunity to visit ‘Mrs Dowson’s Farm’. We spent the whole day on a real ’working farm’. It was fantastic! We were able to see all the different animals, feed them and stroke them.

As the farm is a dairy farm we finished off with some yummy ice-cream, which was very much appreciated as it was very hot!



After our trip, we thought about our experience and decided more people needed to know about it so they could visit the farm. We thought about all of the different ways we could advertise the farm and decided on making leaflets. We were so proud of the results that we shared them on our display board.


In Maths we have been learning about measuring. Did you know that you can measure weight, length and capacity? We enjoyed measuring all three measurements but we had lots of fun measuring capacity.



In Science, we have been learning about life cycles. We have looked at the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. We enjoyed reading ‘The very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. Do you remember what the caterpillar ate on Tuesday?

This half term in Design and Technology we have been designing and making our habitats for farm animals. We thought about the suitability of the habitat depending on the different animal. We used our previous knowledge of materials and their properties to help us choose the right materials for the different parts within the habitat.  


In our computing topic this half term, we have been making cross curricular links with maths. We have been learning to collect and represent data using pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs. We thought about all of the different information we can find by just looking at the data.


For Geography, we looked at rural and urban areas. We visited a real working farm and discussed how the area is different to our local area. As a class we discussed, which area we would prefer to live in and why.   

Summer 1

Summer 1, has been a really busy half term for Fantastic Foxes!


In English, we learned about fairy tales, we looked at the origin of fairy tales and how historically they are orally told. We wrote our own version of the fairy tale Cinderella and letters to the Fairy Godmother.

Our class story this half term has been ‘Bill’s New Frock”. We have all enjoyed listening and predicting what will happen next in the story. We had some interesting conversations about what it would be like to one day wake up as the opposite sex. 


In Maths, we have been learning about ‘Time’ and ‘Shapes’. Along with this, we have been consolidating our learning of the four operations and practising for our ‘Special Tests.’   


Our topic this term has been ‘Explorers’, we have been looking at Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and trying to answer the question:

‘Which explorer was the most significant?’ 


This half term we have been looking at plants and what they need to grow into healthy plants. We have learnt about the different parts of a plant, what conditions are good for plants and how plants germinate. 

The children took advantage of the good weather and did lots of outdoor learning!




In our art work, we have been looking at improving our observational skills when drawing. Linked to their Science topic, the children have drawn some fantastic drawings of plants and flowers.  


Spring 2

It has been another busy but exciting half term for Year 2’s!


In English, we continued with our topic of dinosaurs and wrote some fantastic dinosaur stories. We tried to use our imagination to think about the characters and settings.   



In Maths, we have continued to solve multiplication and division number sentences. Along with this, we have been learning about Fractions! We have been using the bar method to help us solve tricky fractions.  



We have been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. As a class, we looked at his ‘Sunflower’ painting and tried to recreate it. We were so impressed with the results that we have made our very own art gallery to display them!


Growth Mindset:

As a class, we are learning to be resilient and challenge our self as we have realised that sometimes it is Easy to give up! To motivate us, we have as a class created a growth mindset display to help us when we get stuck or need some inspiration.


Spring 1

Spring term 1 2018 

This half term has flown by! We have been busy working hard in all areas of our learning.


In English, we have been learning about information texts. We have been looking at a variety of different books and highlighting all of the different features. 


At the end of the unit, we wrote some fantastic information texts about our favourite dinosaurs.


This half term, we have also been focussing on our grammar and spellings. We are trying our best to apply what we are learning in our phonic work into our writing. 


Our novel this half term was: The Dinosaur’s Diary by Julia Donaldson. We have really enjoyed reading about Hypsilophodon and her adventures.


In Maths, we have been learning about money! We have looked at making different amounts, adding amounts together and even finding change from a given total. We have also been learning strategies to solve multiplication number sentences and word problems. 



Our exciting topic this half term was ‘Dinosaurs’! We were all excited to learn some amazing facts about dinosaurs and their existence.

We looked at Mary Anning, the famous palaeontologist. We found out about her work and her lifestyle. Did you know Mary did not go to school because her family could not afford it? However, this did not stop her, she learnt to read and write all by herself!

During our Geography lessons, we looked at all the different places fossils had been found and how at the beginning people thought they were bones of a giant. 


In Science, we have been learning about what keeps us healthy. We have been looking at the different food types and why it is important to have a balanced diet. We have thought about how we can make small changes in our diet to make us healthy eaters. 


Autumn 2

Autumn Term 2 2017

Fantastic Foxes have had a busy term settling into the routine of year 2!

We have added some special features to our classroom:

Worry Wall: This is where we go if we are worried or anxious about anything. It could be any type of worry: school worry, friend worry, home worry!   We write our worry in the worry box and see the worry disappear!


Challenge Area: In Fantastic Foxes, we always like to challenge ourselves so we have a special challenge area. When we have finished our work, we choose a challenge that will further develop our learning and understanding.

Quiet Critters: Fantastic Foxes have been very excited to have these special critters join our classroom! Quiet Critters sit on our special shelf and if they spot anyone working quietly, they come out and sit with them. We enjoy showing the Quiet Critters our work and they enjoy coming out and watching us.

We do have to be careful, as they do get scared of  noise and as soon as we get too noisy, they go back to the safety of their home!



In our English work, we have been learning about the story behind ‘Bonfire Night’. We have written firework poems and learnt about ‘The Gunpowder Plot’. To help us to know and understand the story we have used drama, story maps and mind maps.




This term, we have been building up our knowledge of place value and applying it in addition and subtraction number sentences. We are beginning to develop our explanation and reasoning skills to solve word problems.  


Linked to our English work we have been finding out about Guy Fawkes and why he is a significant person in our history. We have drawn portraits of Guy Fawkes, looked at different instruments that make noises like fireworks. We have also tried to recreate some firework images using black cardboard and chalk. They were so good we used them for our display.



In our Science, we have continued with our Materials topic. We have looked at the famous scientist ‘John McAdam’. We were especially interested in learning about how his work in the past is still influencing our present and future!

Autumn 1

Autumn Term 1 2017

Fantastic Foxes have had a super start to the term!


In our Geography work, we have been looking at our local area. We have been on a local area, made a map of our route and thought about some of the changes we would like to make.




During this term, we have had an exciting visit from the firefighters. They talked to us about fire safety, smoke alarms and fire plans. We were very lucky, as we had an opportunity to dress up as firefighters and go inside a real fire engine.  




In Maths, we have been using lots of concrete and pictorial methods to help us manipulate numbers and look at different number facts.




In English, we have looked at the book ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and wrote our own version of the story. To help us remember the story, we used story maps and role play.  We even made jam sandwiches for the tiger!  



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