Orienteering Event

Written by School Admin on September 28, 2018

Tuesday 26th September

5 children from Springfield Community Primary School attended an inclusive orienteering event hosted by Burnley School Sports Partnership at Towneley Hall. Many other schools from the area were also in attendance. The focus of the day was teamwork and determination as well as having fun.

The event consisted of 3 different activities. First up for Springfield was ‘Funny Faces’. For this event the children had to use a ‘map’ of a face and use the equipment provided to recreate the face on the map in a hoop. After that the children moved on to the obstacle course. For this activity the children were given a card with an animal on, they would then complete the obstacle course leaving there animal card at the end. The children were then asked to remeber which animal they had and, if they could, make the noise of that animal. The final activity was an orienteering challenge. The children were given a map of the area surrouding Towneley Hall with 10 different markers on. Within the time allowed, the children had to locate as many markers as they could and write down which animal was on the marker.

After each school had completed the events it was time for the organisers to award medals to the people they had spotted showing good teamwork and determination. There was a surpise in store for Emily from Springfield, she was one of only 3 children chosen to receive an award. The award was presented to Emily for showing “an abundance of teamwork and determination”.

Mr Brown would like to say a massive thank you to all the organisers and the children that attended.