Art in Lily Pad

Summer Term 2018

In Lily Pad we have been looking at the work of the Irish born fashion designer Orla Kiely.

The children really liked her bold use of colour and shape and they were inspired by her work to design and create tote bags to give to their mums on Mother’s Day in the style of Orla Kiely.

They experimented with different designs and colours until they finally chose a design they wanted to print onto their canvas tote bag. They created a stamp and practised on a paper bag to perfect the printing techniques.  I’m sure you’ll agree they have produced some great design that Orla Kiely would be proud of.


Year 1

Art in Marvels

Little Marvels Love to Learn!

Summer Term 2018

In Year 1 Art lessons we have made penguins out of clay. Once they were dry we painted them too.


We have also learned how to create self-portraits. We did some in pencil, some in pastels and some with paint.


Year 3

Art in The Avengers

Imagine, Create and Express!

Summer Term 2019

Autumn Term 2018

Our enquiry

Howard Hodgkin

What have we learnt so far?

We have created texture through printing.  We created our own pieces of art in the style of Howard Hodgkin.  We used printing to create the colourful background and then sketched our own cave drawings on top in brown as a link to our Stone Age topic in History. 

Look at some of our pictures on our class page.

What are we going to explore next?

The next part of our topic involves evaluating our artwork.  We need to think about what aspects of our artwork we like and why and what we would improve and why. 

The children’s view

These quotes are responses from the children when asked ‘What have you enjoyed about our lessons so far?’

I have enjoyed printing.

I have enjoyed creating my own artwork.

Year 6

Art in The BFG’s

Imagine, Create and Express!

Autumn Term 2018

The Artist we are studying

  1. S Lowry

What have we learnt so far?

To link with our History, we have continued to study the work of L.S Lowry at the time of the war. We have developed a range of techniques using oil pastels and charcoal. We have also used acrylic paint, developing different colours through mixing and talking about its quality and why it is an artists choice. We have then produced a final piece, in the style of L.S Lowry for on Artist Canvas.

What are we doing next?

We are going to be looking at artwork from across the British Empire to link with our History and English learning. This will include a study of the following artists Joshua Reynolds, George Stubbs, Hew Locke and Sonia Boyce.

What do the pupils say about Art in The BFG’s?

‘Art is important so that we can grow our imaginations’ Amelia

‘It is important because I can express myself and art is never wrong!’ Lilly

‘We evaluate what we have done to make us better artists.’ Emma

Take a look at our class page to see some photographs!



Summer Term 2018

In year 6 we have studied the work of Van Gogh. The children used pastels to create observational drawings of flowers. We talked about texture and how we could create the texture we could see. We also created a colour wheel, so that we could use complimentary and contrasting colours in the most effective way.

We then studied the work of LS Lowry, focussing on the work from around WW2. The children have discussed pieces and talked about colour and textures. They have then gone on to create their own paintings, using watercolours.


Following this, they moved onto looking at Indian Art, creating symmetrical patterns, using bold colours, remembering their knowledge of the colour wheel.