Hogwarts – Autumn 2


This term in English we have been reading The Lost Happy Endings. We have looked at the common themes in Fairy Tales and read some alternative ones as well. We then wrote our own alternative ending to Little Red Riding Hood to make it an unhappy ending. We wrote poems and predicted the ending of our story too.


The terms maths has been focused on multiplying and dividing. We have found different ways of working out the times tables that we know and how to find the inverse of a calculation. We have even started to look at how to find a remainder when dividing.



Year 4 have had a lot of fun this term looking at the Romans in Britain. We started with when the Romans first invaded, how they had to defeat the Celt leader Boudicca and what changes they made to Britain while they were here. We even got to look at what a gladiator was and why gladiator fights were so important and popular for the Roman people.


In science we have been looking at sound. We have investigated how sound travels, the difference between high and low and loud and quiet sound waves and how to soundproof an area.


During our computing lessons we have talked about how to keep ourselves safe online including: not sharing personal information, letting an adult know if something online if bothering us, how to spot spam emails and even what plagiarism is.



We have been focusing on our racket skills this term. We started with honing our over and underarm throwing skills and accuracy before moving on to using a racket and tennis ball. We practiced playing keepy-ups with our ball then learnt how to hit a tennis ball effectively towards a partner.


For our RE this term we have looked at the symbolism in the Christmas Story. We have investigated what each part of the Christmas Story represents for Christians and what Christmas time means to us. We also looked at what a Christingle symbolises before taking part in our Christingle service at the church.


We have had a lot of fun making rollercoasters in DT this term. We designed our rollercoasters and used existing ones to help us before moving on to creating it out of cardboard. We have tested them using marbles and added extra supports and barriers where needed before painting them.


In PSHE we have looked at stereotypes and how first impressions of people can be hurtful to others. We have also thought about how we can be kinder to ourselves and what we like about our own personalities and appearance.


This half term we have been playing the descant recorder. We had the challenge to learn to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in C major. We learnt to have our left hand on the top and our right hand below. Trying to cover all the holes was tricky for some of us but we persevered. Each note we played we blew gentling saying ‘Tu’. We followed the formal notation, reading the crochets and minims on the treble stave.

We all enjoyed a Christmas Assembly with a brass band!

Play It Forward, conducted by Mr. David Warren. He taught at Towneley, now called Unity for 25 years as Head of Music. The band members played our Christingle Service Carols. We raised the school roof with our fabulous singing!

Merry Christmas and Season Greetings from Mrs. Lingard and Mr. Garrett.

Useful Dates

3:15 pm Y3 & Y4 Dodgeball Club
Y3 & Y4 Dodgeball Club
Jun 12 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y3 & Y4 Dodgeball Club
from Monday 05 June and then every week until Monday 10 July
all-day Summer Term Swimming
Summer Term Swimming
Jun 13 all-day
Summer Term Swimming
Year 3 will be swimming this term starting on Tuesday 18 April and every Tuesday thereafter until Tuesday 04 July
3:15 pm Choir Rehearsals
Choir Rehearsals
Jun 13 @ 3:15 pm – 3:55 pm
Choir Rehearsals
from Tuesday 13 September and then every week to the end of the academic year [excluding holidays]
3:15 pm Y1 & Y2 Yoga
Y1 & Y2 Yoga
Jun 13 @ 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm
Y1 & Y2 Yoga
from Tuesday 06 June and then every week until Tuesday 11 July
3:15 pm Healthy ELF Family Club
Healthy ELF Family Club
Jun 14 @ 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Healthy ELF Family Club
from Wednesday 07 June and then every week until Wednesday 12 July
all-day SWAT Event
SWAT Event
Jun 15 all-day
SWAT Event
on Thursday 15 June a small group of children representing as our SWAT Ambassadors, will take part in a ‘Times Table’ competition at Reedley Primary
all-day Y6 Canoeing
Y6 Canoeing
Jun 15 all-day
Y6 Canoeing
Thanks to the Canal & River Trust Y6 will be going in 2 groups for a free canoeing session.  They will go on either Thursday 15 June or Wednesday 05 July


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